Aluminum Zippo: failed experiments and collectible rarities

Zippo Vintage aluminum are extremely rare instances. All lighters, which are discussed in this review are test prototypes. The existence of aluminum Zippo admitted into production, no data are available. The reason is that aluminum - a metal with a low melting point. This causes loose loops on the heating flame lighters. The company attempts to develop stronger hinges, but, apparently, testing also yielded positive results. After some time, the company began to produce models Zippo just coated aluminum, or the so-called "anodized" Zippo.

Before you prototype aluminum Zippo 1956. Housing and hinges are made of aluminum. The main body of the lighter has a logo of Alcoa - Aluminum Company of America .

Aluminum prototype Zippo Slim 1957. This sample loops are made of brass with special mounts to the bottom of the case and the lid lighter. This was done in order to improve the resistance to high temperature combustion lighters.

An interesting fact is that at the bottom of the Zippo present marking 10 K GF, which in theory are always identified gold Zippo . Apparently, it was the cost of production test batch - took the first punch, which is caught, it differs from the usual series.

Oh and one prototype aluminum Zippo Slim 1957 depicting the ship on one side and a kind of decoration on the other. As with the previous model, the loops also are made of brass with special attachments to the upper and lower parts of the body lighter.

In the 1990s, the company had issued Zippo aluminum cans of gasoline, so you can carry them with you. In the event that a hand will not appear normal fuel cans, you could always fill my lighter on the spot. Cans were small and large sizes. Perhaps now it is one of the only modern multimedia accessories Zippo, made of aluminum.

Detailed article about the Zippo for gasoline canister read here . Thank you very much to our colleague Yuri Vorobiev (botas) for the wonderful review!

Zippo company was unable to start the production of aluminum lighters, and who knows what might have been the situation if it still managed to do it. The company would lose its status as the manufacturer of quality and reliable lighters? Would Zippo manufacturer of cheap and low-end models? Far from it. Aluminum Zippo originally conceived as a rare instance of lighters, primarily designed as promotional samples for various aluminum companies. At that time it was a novelty, well, or, at least, unusual. But time dictates the trends and test instances like today look a bit cheap and not solid. In addition, Zippo with the very first day of its existence has set itself the highest level of quality products and materials used, and exchanged for a more simple materials simply did not. This did not prevent, however, dozens of competitors Zippo back in the 1940s, producing quite high quality and reliable lighters made of aluminum and aluminum alloys, and among them were such well-known brands such as Park Sherman, Berkeley, Matawan, and even Duhnill and ST Dupont released during World lighter aluminum.

I'll tell you a little curiosity. In mid-2009 on Ebay came in selling some copies of "modern experimental Zippo aluminum." They even had the appropriate stamp, and a description of lots to say, this is a very rare and trial batch of this Zippo aluminum!

That it was in fact, so could not figure out. Excited brotherhood collectors seek immediate official explanation in the company itself, from which a reply was received that any model of aluminum never went into mass production and fakes. This, however, did not stop enterprising seller within a couple of weeks to push the very gullible buyers multiple instances is unclear why the guise of a modern aluminum prototype Zippo for the price exceeds $ 200-300 (per copy!). Talented scam certainly succeeded, though it was done clumsily. But no more than those of modern "aluminum Zippo" was not met.

In conclusion, the topic of aluminum would like to quote the words of the leading analyst of Mobile Research Group, the chief editor of the site Eldar Murtazin:

"Let as a historical anecdote to remember how much aluminum was worth at the beginning of the last century. In the absence of this metal smelting technology was incredibly expensive. Gram of aluminum cost twice grams of gold. British scientists for recognition Mendeleev presented him with the chemical balance. One bowl was cast out of pure gold, and the second ... of aluminum. Today the technology is such that the aluminum is not perceived as something special, many will be found in the kitchen a few pieces of this metal. "

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