The history of relations with Woody Woodpecker by Zippo

Probably known to many of the famous cartoon studio of Walter Lantz about Woodpecker Woody (Woody Woodpecker) with its original characteristic laugh: "Ha-ha-ha-HAA-ha!". The story of Woody is very interesting and noteworthy. For the first time this bizarre cartoon character appeared in 1940. in an episode of Andy Panda cartoon called "Knock Knock".

But Lanz so loved this sassy and brash woodpecker, it was decided to bring it to a separate series, where Woody was to play a major role. Since its first appearance in the series about Andy Panda, the image of the famous woodpecker over time gradually began to change and evolve.

Woody first appeared on screen in 1957 in a show called The Woody Woodpecker Show, which broadcasts American Broadcasting Company (ABC) - U.S. television network, which owns one of the three most popular U.S. television. Sponsor of the American company performed Kellogg's , a well-known producer of cereal and fast food preparation.

Each episode consisted of three theatrical cartoon about Woody, and ran a cartoon character in the show itself, Walter Lantz.

Show lasted until 1972, did not close until the Lantz studio. But in the late 1990s, the idea of a cartoon show about Woody again become relevant in a show called The New Woody Woodpecker Show. The show was an updated version of the once popular show Lanza The Woody Woodpecker Show was broadcast, and the American company Fox Broadcasting Company (often referred to simply as Fox). In Woody Woodpecker also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for his contribution to the film industry. As we know, on the sidewalk along Hollywood Boulevard and Vine Street in Hollywood, invested more than 2,600 five-pointed stars with the names of celebrities who have made, according to the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, a major contribution to the entertainment industry. So among these stars is a star and Woody. In 1988, Woody also managed to shine in the famous artistic comedy film "Who Framed Roger Rabbit."

The history of relations of Woody Woodpecker and his creator Walter Lantz with the company Zippo also interesting and controversial. Once Lantz wanted to promote his character known to Zippo lighters. In response, the company has produced two samples Zippo lighters for further approval by Lanz. Apparently, not quite satisfied with design patterns, the creator of Woody wanted his name was engraved on the bottom of the Zippo lighter. But here in the Zippo from doing so refused, mindful of the principle of wholeness and integrity laid their founder George Bleysdellom: "Build your product with integrity, stand behind it 100%, and success will follow ..." («Make your product on the conscience, defend it at 100 and the success will come to you "). Sacrifice, even for such an order traditional stamp on the bottom was not in the rules of the company.

As a result, one unnamed Japanese company decided to implement what had once wanted to see Mr. Lantz. They created an exact copy of the prototype lighters Zippo that made for the creator of Woody, but since realized plan Lanza. At the bottom of the lighter was engraved his name. An interesting fact is that the original prototype Zippo with Woody, initials Lanza «WL» (Walter Lantz) were engraved under the feet of Woody, that apparently was unnecessary for the Japanese copies.

This Zippo 1952-53. is one of the test models made for Walter Lantz:

This Japanese Zippopodobnaya lighter. As you can see, the design quite closely follows the design of the original American Zippo. At the bottom of a lighter - the creator of the Walter Lantz Woody and the inscription Japan (Japan). In essence, these instances are not genuine Zippo lighters, despite the complete coincidence of their external form with American counterparts. But they can not be called counterfeits. They are not a word is mentioned about the company Zippo. In connection with this, were very original and unique in its kind lighters that implement the desired plan of Walter Lantz, the creator of the cartoon Woody Woodpecker. These Japanese lighters very highly prized by collectors.

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