Experimental plastic Zippo, 1,240.99 $

Following the acquisition of Ronson last October next sensation was the news of the purchase of the company Zippo retail chain restaurants and stores 7-11 (7-Eleven), which is now in the tens of thousands of retail outlets around the world. The transaction has been prepared in strict confidence, and the opening of the first retail outlet the company released the first pilot batch of experimental models of Zippo high quality plastic. In the open market do no more than 1,000 copies of such models. Witnesses say that in all retail stores, now owned by Zippo, people held in the evening, and by the first batch of plastic Zippo (4 pilot instance) with a special stamp was played at auction in New York, where an anonymous collector from Canada acquired the rare copies for a considerable sum.
Sale price: $ 1,240.99

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  1. kalyan_off (01.04.2010 12:23) ( Reply )

    yeah, now I will just fake zippo ever)

  2. Hartman (01.04.2010 16:30) ( Reply )

    Josquin tin ... Zippo, made of components Zhongshan Xinyuan Hardware & Plastic and sold for $ 1,240.99
    The world, apparently, completely mad. :)

  3. blinowww (01.04.2010 20:09) ( Reply )

    stopudovo an April Fool's joke!
    do not believe it (c)

  4. kalyan_off (01.04.2010 20:39) ( Reply )

    5) stamp in the studio))

  5. mska (01.04.2010 22:41) ( Reply )

    and yet rzhaka!

  6. botas (02.04.2010 10:48) ( Reply )

    Well yes it April 1! Kuryokhin, "deuce in the diary and parents in school!"
    Although the rally deserves certainly 5s. Wow jokes ... :)))

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