Stories lighters celebrities: Zippo from the world of show business

All Zippo lighters, which are discussed in this article is in some way connected with celebrities from the world of American show business and the film industry of the 20th century. Every single instance introduces us to the stars shine on the big screen and on the big stage of the United States of America in the 20th century.

Our story opens Zippo 1938. On one side of this model, we see the inscription OZ, performed in an unusual art deco style, the other - the autograph of the famous Judy Garland (1922-1969, present. name Frances Ethel Gum), the mother of Liza Minnelli and one of the greatest actresses in the history of American cinema .

Apparently, the letters OZ are a reminder of the musical "The Wizard of Oz» (The Wizard of Oz), which was filmed in 1939 by the famous children's book Laymena Frank Baum's "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz." This book was the basis of writing a Soviet writer Alexander Volkov Russian version of the story about a girl who fell into a magical land - "The Wizard of Oz."

It was the "Wizard of Oz" really brought real glory of Judy Garland (Judy Garland), at that time, the rising star of American cinema. The film broke several records. The shooting of this masterpiece cost the studio $ 3 million script writers composed 14, and filmed "The Wizard" immediately five directors. The song "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", performed by Judy, became a worldwide hit and was awarded the "Oscar". The same award was given to the high and the very young performer.

Zippo autographed by Judy Garland could be her personal lighter, and one of the early advertising Zippo autographed by celebrities.

The following model is not a Zippo lighter. This product is from the famous jeweler Tiffany & Co . This company is known for having produced zippodobnye gold, gold and silver lighters specifically for zippovsky insert. As you can see, superficially similar to the Zippo certainly present:

In this model, we see the signature of the famous actress Carroll Baker (Carroll Baker) - "Carroll Baker, Harlow, 1965":

Actress largely became popular after the release of the biographical film "Harlow» (Harlow), a story about the sex symbol of the 1930s, Jean Harlow, and where Baker starred. The film grossed $ 13,000,000 and became a major hit in 1965. It is in the present instance, we see the lighter mention of this film.

This Zippo 1949-1951. once said about the two realities of the history of American show business. In order for the story was more or less logical, propose to examine details of the image in order. On the face of it, we see the Zippo logo and RCA dog listening on the gramophone:

RCA ("Al-Cu-Hey", Eng. Radio Corporation of America) is an American radio company, founded in 1919. Facing dog in Gramophone named Nipper (Nipper). Nipper was born in Bristol, Gloucester, England in 1884 and got its name from its habit of nibbling lightly visitors heels (born nipper - that bite). When his first master Mark Barraud died in poverty in Bristol in 1887, Nipper took in Liverpool, Lancashire, England, the younger brother of Mark, the artist Francis.

In Liverpool Nipper first saw the phonograph, a machine for recording and playing on the cylinders, and Francis "often noticed how puzzled he was trying to figure out where is the voice." This scene is so imprinted in the mind of Francis, that three years after the death of the artist decided Nipper memorializing it on the sheet.

Nipper died in September 1895, when he returned from Liverpool to Kingston-upon-Thames in Surrey, England, the widow of Mark Barraud. Although Nipper was not purebred dog, there was a lot of bull terrier, and he no doubt rushed into a fight with any dog, loved and adored catch rats pheasants in Richmond Park!

In 1898, Francis Barraud finished a picture and signed it February 11, 1899 as "Dog, watching and listening to the phonograph." Barro later decided to rename the picture to "her master's voice" (His Master's Voice). And later, a picture of Nipper was registered as a trademark in 1910. Originally tube phonograph was black, but in consequence of Barro repainted it in brass color, which had a significant impact on the fate of a famous painting. At the time the trademark "her master's voice" was registered by company Victor Talking Machine Company, a division of Victor's Company of Japan (JVC). But after her ransom by RCA Trademark featuring Nipper passed by inheritance to her.

Therefore, in our Zippo we see the image of the famous dog, looks inside the gramophone. Today the brand name "His Master's Voice" is still recognizable and proudly and firmly takes its place in the top ten "Camyh recognizable brands of the 20th century."

On the reverse side is lighter - autograph American singer and actress Dinah Shore (Dinah Shore, February 29, 1916 - February 24, 1994), one of the most popular solo artist in 1940 and 1950: Regards - Dinah Shore (with best wishes - Dina Shore):

Dinah Shore was the first woman to start her own TV show - The Dinah Shore Show (1951). In 1972, she also founded the show The Dinah Shore Chevy Show. As a rule, it always ended up another show performing the song "See the USA in your Chevrolet" and sent a large public kiss.

Next is the Zippo 1985 featuring the U.S. flag and the Soviet Union and the inscription Rockie. As many have guessed, this is a movie with Sylvester Stallone's "Rocky 4", in which he played the American boxer Rocky Balboa. A film about Rocky Stallone did a really famous. In the fourth part of the "Rocky" the hero had to fight the Soviet boxer Ivan Drago officer, played by no less famous Dolph Lundgren.

Next is the Zippo 1956 autographed Nate Edwards on one side and the words "Stolen from John Wayne" (stolen from John Wayne) on the other:

John Wayne (born John Wayne; crust. name - Marion Robert Morrison (born Marion Robert Morrison); May 26, 1907 - June 11, 1979) was a famous American actor, also known as the "king" of westerns. "The main American Cowboy" was surprisingly able-bodied man who had acted in over 170 films in his career, this time to become a national hero of the American cinema, and even today, despite the large number of talented, young and well-known actors, John Wayne is a favorite of most American moviegoers. The movie "Stagecoach," in which Wayne played a major, and perhaps its most compelling role, became the hallmark of the genre "Western."

John Wayne has found his hero for decades to come. Since then, we say, "Western", we mean - John Wayne, we say "John Wayne", we mean - Western. By the way, "Stagecoach" was the only Western, which was released in the Soviet rental.

According to legend, John Wayne lighter marking by the inscription "Stolen from John Wayne", due to the fact that his Zippo often stolen. Nate Edwards (Nate Edwards), the autograph of which is pictured in our sample, was the producer of the movie, which starred Wayne Legend of the Lost - The Legend of the Lost (1958) and The Alamo - Alamo (1960). Apparently, the lighter he got as a present from Wayne.

In 2007, Zippo Mfg Company has released a limited edition commemorative lighters, called "Stolen From John Wayne" , to pay tribute to the icon of the American cinema of the 20th century.

Next model - 1954-55 Zippo's. with the inscription "Thanks Dean and Jerry" (Thank you Dean and Jerry). We are talking about Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis - American actor, best known who brought their work together in a duet.

In the mid-1940s comedian Jerry Lewis (right) met with singer Dean Martin (left), which was soon organized a comedy duo that brought the two of them huge success and popularity. Originally they performed with their humorous numbers in nightclubs, then followed the transfer on the radio, then his own TV show, and the result was a series of comedy films in the studio «Paramount Pictures». Against the background of the great success of the publishing house «DC Comics» released a comic series called "The Adventures of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis." It is their cartoons shown in this Zippo lighter.

Our next instance of very interesting because it involves several famous people. Gold plated Zippo 1950s. with the image of the heart in which we can see a loving couple, and under it the inscription «Love, Lucy and Desi»:

It is about Lucille Ball (born Lucille Ball, August 6, 1911 - April 26, 1989), a prominent American actress, nicknamed "Queen of Comedy" and Desi Arnaze (Desi Arnaz, March 2, 1917 - December 2, 1986) - American musician , actor and producer of Cuban origin. At that time, Lucille and Desi were a married couple, as well as the main characters of the comedy television series "I Love Lucy," which was very popular in America in the mid 50's. last century.

On the other side of the lighter engraved "For Beautiful, Bountiful Barbara".

Rather, it is about Barbara Eden (born Barbara Eden, born Barbara Jean Morehead (born Barbara Jean Morehead, b. Aug. 23, 1934), the famous American actress and singer, mostly known for starring in the comedy series «I Dream of Jeannie »(I Dream of Jeannie), where Barbara played a woman - the genie in the magic lamp. series was very popular in the 1960s. Later she appeared in many television series and television movies, including the television series" Justice Burke, "" Dallas " and "Sabrina - Witch." In 1988, the actress was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contribution to television. Apparently, this could be for Zippo Barbara as a commemorative gift from Lucille and Desi.

It was hard to figure out what we wanted to tell next Zippo 1955 with the inscription "Best Wishes From Janet Leigh and Natlynn" (Best wishes from Janet Lee and Natlynn):

Janet Lee (born Janet Leigh, July 6, 1927 - October 3, 2004) was a famous actress and fashion designer. Career Lee, born Dzhinnet Helen Morrison, started in the movie thanks to Norma Shearer, who found in the aspiring actress a lot of talent and assist her signing a contract with MGM in the late 1940s. In the following decade, she appeared in many popular films, some of which co-starred with husband Tony Curtis. Marriage with Curtis brought her two daughters - Kelly Curtis and Jamie Lee Curtis, who also became actresses.

In the late 1950s, she appeared in such popular films as "Touch of Evil" (1958) and "The Vikings" (1958), but the most popular version was brought to her Marion Crane in Alfred Hitchcock's film "Psycho" (1960). For this role, Lee was awarded the "Golden Globe" and nominated for "Oscar". Thanks to Marion Crane Janet Leigh was at home the nickname "Miss Creek."

Of course, who was Janet Leigh. But who or what was Natlynn, for me and it is still not the end of the open secret. In addition to the autograph on the lighter also shows color camera and a mannequin. So, judging by the found materials, Natlynn - is the name of either skirts, or dresses by Janet Lee, after she became an actress in addition also a fashion designer.

Followed by Zippo 1983 with arrow on one side and the inscription William Holden on the other:

William Holden (William Holden, pres. name William Franklin Beedle Jr., April 17, 1918 - November 16, 1981) was a famous American actor to be awarded an Oscar for her role in the film "Death Camp 17." Six times his name was called in the top ten most popular actors of the United States (1954 - 1958, 1960). Creative palette Holden-actor diverse roles ranging from brooding romantics (which prevailed in the early days of his career), he gradually moved to deeper and more psychologically accurate portrait of a broken, cynical, tired people, nostalgic about the past. According to critics, in their works Holden shows sadness, vulnerability and lack of confidence in themselves beneath male magnetism. During his career, the actor managed to pull in around 80 films, was also known as a fighter for the preservation of wildlife.

Finally, we have two Zippo Slim, but start from the beginning.

In the first Ziipo 1969 shows a fingerprint that says "From The Thief, Thanks, Bob Wagner" (From a Thief, Thanks, Bob Wagner). This refers to Robert Wagner (born Robert John Wagner) (born February 10, 1930, Detroit, Michigan, USA), the American actor and producer, famous for its in shootings in the detective TV series «It takes a Thief» (Requires Thief) who was known in the years 1968-70.

Closes our story from 1981 Zippo Slim Series Ultralite red with the words "Love & Thanks, Burt" (With love and gratitude, Burt):

The author of these words is the Burt Reynolds (Burton (Burt) Leon Reynolds Jr. (born Burton Leon Reynolds, Jr.; February 11, 1936) is an American actor, one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood late 1970s. Reynolds greatest popularity in the 1970s reached. when he starred in a number of highly entertaining and critically acclaimed films. These were: "The semi-cool" (1977, a star football), "The End" (1978), a sharp, black comedy, in which he also acted as a director "Hooper" (also in 1978, a funny comedy about a stuntman) and "Starting Over" (1979) about a divorced man, tries to stand up.

Zippo lighters have been very popular in Hollywood in the mid-twentieth century. They were used by the stars, as well as members of the crew were given and the staff who worked on the production of films. Today, these instances are extremely rare, most of them - the only one of its kind.

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