Distinguish the Zippo brushed copper

Lighter Model 161 Brushed Copper is made of 99.9% pure copper and processed by hand:

The stamp on the bottom has the word COPPER, compared to the conventional model of the flat bottom of a brushed chrome:

For comparison, the model 200 and 161 Brushed Chrome Brushed Copper:

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  1. timur9 (02.09.2009 11:27) ( Reply )

    Recently bought this in the States. But it is packed with the usual plastic box. The model name on the label is the same. So it should be?

    1. kypexin (2.9.2009 1:30 p.m.) ( Reply )

      Yes, of course, do not worry - these models were produced in the usual boxes.

  2. Kir (27.04.2010 19:07) ( Reply )

    I wonder what is different Zippo 161 from Solid Copper Zippo 161 Brushed Copper? At the request of pictures of these lighters Google gives almost the same pictures. I would suggest that it is one and the same-.

    1. kypexin (27.04.2010 19:30) ( Reply )

      It amounts to the same thing is.

    2. yours_truly (27.04.2010 19:37) ( Reply )

      abbreviation brushed involves one body finishes (high polish, satin), a solid name suggests that the body is made of a lighter one single metal, in this case, copper alloys and coatings without the other metals.

    3. Kir (27.04.2010 21:24) ( Reply )

      Thank you, colleagues! Just expect just such an instance.

  3. Cypher (28.04.2010 16:54) ( Reply )

    and copper in this model is made and only the housing or insert too?

  4. yours_truly (28.04.2010 17:07) ( Reply )

    body only, insert a normal color for the case, but over time it becomes normal "steel" color.

  5. Kir (28.04.2010 20:44) ( Reply )

    Insert covered with copper plating. With careful handling oblezet think not.

  6. Vyk (06.03.2011 13:19) ( Reply )

    of carrying in a holster on the case appeared hefty stain. Cleaned with comet - of its kind. But now, from fingers coated black body lighter greenish spots. That there was some piece protective covering?

    1. faust (06.03.2011 15:46) ( Reply )

      was most likely a lacquer.

  7. darkquad (20.03.2011 21:44) ( Reply )

    tell me, and really this book through the delivery of presents?

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