Distinguish the Zippo 1941 Replica (brushed chrome)

From about the 2000s, the company produces a copy of the model Zippo lighters, 1941, known as the 1941 Replica. Here are its main differences from the current models:

She has a four-link loop cap (as was the case with lighters in the late 1930's - early 1940's) and flat side faces (left - 1941 replica, right - 1996):

In the windshield on 7 holes on each side (in modern 8). Please also note that due to flat side faces the lid opens to 180 °, which other models it is often impossible:

Wheel mounted rivet through hole (right) while on modern blind rivet (left):

The stamp on the bottom of play is the same as in the model 1941, but with a modern ND (top - 200FL, in August 1996, bottom - 1941 replica, February 2005). In this model, the flat bottom of a:

The characteristic shape of lighters with rounded corners (copies of models 1937, 1941 and modern Zippo 1996):

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  1. Alexander (14.01.2010 14:42) ( Reply )

    Vladimir, you have convinced me, I ordered a new 1941 replica, and not only because it is cheaper than others. She really is a very interesting design. It just asks to hand. But if you let a few questions:
    - Do not break off (or cranky) cover is faster than the current model for the four loops?
    - Would not it be worse than 1941 Replica zazhizatsya, burn and resist the wind because of the seven responsibility in windshield?
    - Do not wear a hollow rivet "wheel"?
    Still not a gift Zippo factory upgraded all of the above in sovremennoyh models.

    1. kypexin (1.14.2010 six past eleven p.m.) ( Reply )

      1) None. Four-link hinge is very reliable and not shaken.
      2) No :)
      3) No :)

      Do not worry, this is a great model of "every day" and you'll be very happy with it!

  2. balllllllll (19.01.2010 13:57) ( Reply )

    Yesterday, I finally sent the 1941 Replica. Indeed, a good thing. Today show co-workers, everyone is excited, the two were asked to order the same for them.
    Wanted to re-ask the question. On my replica rivet that holds the wheel as it swims (on either side doklepana a few microns) on the quality of the ignition is not affected, but I'm wondering, this is not a marriage?

    1. kypexin (19/01/2010 2:12 p.m.) ( Reply )

      Well certainly not marriage :) What do you want, it's lighter utilitarian object, not a Swiss watch :) so that a small gap (within reason) are inevitable, and the overall quality does not affect :)

  3. kalyan_off (29.03.2010 15:43) ( Reply )

    I'm on fire, then a replica 1941) Sedna was in the shop, looked and turned poklatsal)) confused two aspects: the lower the standard stamp (not write replica) and not through the rivet (fake it?
    Store hours specialize itself, zippo only one showcase, but pretty solid ..
    Yes, the price of 215 hryvnia (about $ 27).

    1. yours_truly (29.03.2010 16:59) ( Reply )

      the bottom 41 replica replica word is not written, and written the patent number, but that the account rivets do not know to be honest! in theory it should be through!

  4. kalyan_off (29.03.2010 17:09) ( Reply )

    this is something I overcomplicated) no patent number on the stamp. yes, and it is not flat, and Etched ...

    1. yours_truly (29.03.2010 17:57) ( Reply )

      seems to me that this was no reply 41 ...

  5. kalyan_off (29.03.2010 18:25) ( Reply )

    eh .. look .. boom
    how is it hard to be a layman in anything))

  6. yours_truly (29.03.2010 20:40) ( Reply )

    patience, my friend! we all were once profane, not experts were born! for this and need such a resource!

  7. kalyan_off (30.03.2010 14:57) ( Reply )

    guilty: and stamp normal and rivet-through .. just a couple of standard models look, here in my head and mixed)
    but again, the cover 180 degrees doginat need (met online issue, like and not marriage, but somehow ..
    could never find? or that still take?

  8. yours_truly (30.03.2010 17:22) ( Reply )

    no it's not a marriage! all right! it is not obligated to do a 180 grdusov open! just a random observation. so take it, if you are satisfied with your choice!

  9. olololo (18.05.2010 23:40) ( Reply )

    Lurk more:

    Black (with logo)

    More (even not very good, and black):


    PS: Lol on the target audience

  10. Leonid (05.06.2010 20:44) ( Reply )

    All good health

    Interests here that, after the "Bradford" I do not have a comma. Reassured zazhigalochki your screenshot, which is also missing a comma, too =) It's probably some sort of feature or not? xX

    1. buma (02.02.2011 21:48) ( Reply )

      and today I saw a magician on. I wanted to buy, but this stopped comma. Took no chances and decided to see here on the forum.
      Experts, help me out with a semicolon!! )))

  11. blinowww (03.02.2011 11:49) ( Reply )

    feature of the 41st replica

  12. buma (15.02.2011 01:34) ( Reply )

    bought yesterday!! shtukentsiya cool!! Very happy! though I have to get used to the muffled click. Do not worry, get used to it.

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