Distinguish the Zippo Heavy Wall Armor Case

Model 162 Zippo brushed chrome Heavy Wall Armor Case in appearance follows the usual lighter series Pure, but differs in the increased in about half the thickness of the shell and a special stamp on the bottom. the case itself is almost an inch wider than usual:

difference in the thickness of the walls can be seen only under very close inspection, but still visible:

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  1. Cypher (02.04.2010 09:36) ( Reply )

    Interested in this question: I saw something in the album one user reinforced in 1941 with an engraved replica ZippoCollector.ru, so that's like uzat reinforced replica is called Zippo 1941 replica armor case, and it has a particular name? It is clear that it is a lighter without inscription =))

    1. kypexin (02.04.2010 09:44) ( Reply )

      There is no 1941 replica armor, armor is just a standard
      With our engraving - this is the usual 1941 replica.

  2. Cypher (02.04.2010 09:49) ( Reply )

    then please pay attention to this http://vkontakte.ru/photo-18039_143422266 and the following six pictures =) yes, I just now noticed that the door itself to insert without holes and 8 holes in the glass, but still in the form of housing this is most likely a replica 1941

    1. kypexin (02.04.2010 09:58) ( Reply )

      Well, it's not connected to each other at some photos :) zippokollektorovskaya lighter 1941 replica (by the way do not know why there is such an insert with 8 holes, maybe the owner just put the other), and on the other Armor in a box. Do armor flat bottom, yes, but this is not a replica of 1941 and the usual shape model.

  3. Cypher (02.04.2010 10:03) ( Reply )

    Something is not clean. necessary to find out the owner with respect to these features, so this topic has not yet been permanently closed)

    1. kypexin (02.04.2010 10:04) ( Reply )

      So ask it there :) The fact that I can see - two different lighters :) Well, can change insert ... has the right :)

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