Sands of Normandy: another historical "monument" of the Zippo Manufacturing Company

Perhaps no other event in history, so did not contribute to the rising popularity of Zippo lighters, as the Second World War. Models of those years - Zippo coated Crackle (usually black, but known, although extremely rare, and other colors) today remain desirable "trophy" for many collectors Zippo.

I recall that at that time there were only Zippo lighters, which enjoyed significant success and popular with U.S. soldiers. Almost all manufacturers of lighters concentrated in manufacturing and supplying its products to the front. To this day, on Ebay you can find quite a lot of lighters, made during the Second World War. Even brands like Dunhill and STDupont, produced lighters intended for soldiers who fought at the front.

Most of the soldiers who went to war, with hand engraving in the first place to make a special mark on his Zippo to the names, titles, places of battles, dates. Today, these signs tell us about the fate of people who have taken the war to those who had not returned home and fell on the battlefield.

Zippo lighters have been one of the few items that are able to count soldiers in a variety of conditions and the vicissitudes of war. They accompanied them everywhere: in the rain, wind and snow. However, to be there was one - their reliability! The archives Zippo Mfg Company can be found many letters that describe how Zippo Lighter rescued soldiers served them faithfully: it can they heat their food in helmets, plant fires, burning explosives, nailed, and even with the corporate "clique" served his comrades signals in combat. There were times when Zippo saved the lives of the soldiers, becoming an obstacle to enemy bullets.

The famous war correspondent Ernie Pyle of those years (born Ernie Pyle) wrote this in 1944, of the lighters Zippo:

"If I told you how Zippo Lighter in demand in the army and how, with what delight and gratitude, our soldiers take it, then, I think I would be accused of exaggerating. But I really believe that is still the most popular Zippo thing on the front. "

To give moral support to their countrymen who participated in the war in those terrible years, Zippo Mfg Company founder George Blaisdell each month sent a box of Zippo lighters Ernie Pyle on the front, which in turn gave it to the soldiers. It was a very welcome and necessary items, valuable thing on the field, reminiscent of home. Here is a letter to Ernie Pyle founder Zippo Mfg Company, in which he thanks George Blaisdell for freights (Zippo lighters) and talks about how expensive and require these lighters for the soldiers, what value they have for those who are fighting on the front:

Here is another letter from General Blaisdell U.S. Army, Field Marshal Douglas MacArthur, in which he thanked the Zippo company's founder, expressed his gratitude and admiration received from lighter Zippo Mfg Company:

This was a short introduction to the main subject of this review - exclusive edition Zippo Sands of Normandy (Sands of Normandy).

On this edition I spoke in detail our English colleague and famous collector Glen Hopkins (Glen Hopkins) . Allow for reference to quote the words of Glenn: "This edition was released Zippo Mfg Company in 2004 to celebrate the 60th anniversary since the landing of American troops in Normandy. Set out in limited quantities - 10 000 copies. Originally, this edition was released as gifts for veterans who on the day of the anniversary 60letney all already known event, visited the very shores of Normandy. Then to the other parties have been issued for the remaining veterans and Zippo collectors. According to my observations, today at Ebay prices for this collection range from 200 to 400 dollars. "

And now take a closer look and the kit itself. Thus, it consists of a Zippo lighter, namely the replica 1941 Coated Black Crackle, capsule with a real sand from the very shores of Normandy, where once there were fierce battles between Allied forces and soldiers of Nazi Germany and a small booklet of eight pages, described in more detail about the Second World War, and Zippo.

Each numbered lighter side, because, as I said, this is a limited edition.

Pay attention to the design of the box from the set. Been based upon the box design of the war years of the so-called emergency reserve soldiers (K-ration). Naturally stew, biscuits and cheese are already there to be found, but in general the design of the box gives the spirit of the time and is designed in the tradition of the war period:

Booklet besides background and historical information is at the same time and a certificate of authenticity of sand contained in sklyanochkah. They gathered on the beach of Omaha (Omaha Beach). In order to start collecting sand on the shores of these memorable, in Zippo Mfg Company granted special permission from the rights to acquire sand after reaching an agreement with the Mayor of Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer (French Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer) - communes in France, which is in the region of Lower Normandy. Here is a written certificate of authenticity sand gathered for a special edition of "Sands of Normandy", signed by Mr. Mouquet, Mayor of Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer

On the lighter itself using laser technology applied a shield symbol "Operation Overlord , "the strategic operation Allied troops to land in France, which started in the early morning of June 6, 1944.

The Battle of Normandy illustrated in Steven Spielberg's 1998 "Saving Private Ryan", awarded five Oscars. Date of June 6, 1944 is also known as "D-Day" (English D-Day). D-Day - the conventional U.S. military designation of the date of commencement of a military operation.

The most famous "D Day" was June 6, 1944 - D-day Allied troops to land in Normandy (Wikipedia).

In the booklet that comes with the kit can also be found on the history of the lighter Nadler Walter (Walter Nadler), which was in the days lost during the operation, code-named «Utah Beach»:

Thus, another event in the history noted by Zippo lighter. Battle of Normandy and the opening of a second front in the Second World have played a decisive role in the victory over Nazi Germany. And, apparently, this is remembered in sacred Zippo Mfg Company. For many Zippo collectors set "Sands of Normandy" is of great interest.

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