Philip A. Taggart «Zippo Advertising Lighters: Cars & Trucks»

This is quite a luxury book publisher Schiffer Publishing is dedicated to advertising Zippo, namely - automotive topics in advertising on lighters. The severity and size of the book immediately command respect, not to mention the content!

The book is divided into three parts. The first part - a history of the company Zippo, which describes the main stages of its development, talked about different periods in advertising lighters Zippo, promotional posters, methods and application drawings on Zippo in different years, provides general information about the dating Zippo (like buildings and inserts!), care of the lighters, and a summary of the value of collectible cigarette lighters and what affects it. Overall, this is a small, but in fact very useful and systematic guide for collectors of itself. The second part - a brief history of the American automobile industry and, in particular, the history of the automotive advertising. Finally, the third and largest part - in fact, the history of advertising lighters. This is more than 700 illustrations that show advertisements on Zippo lighters from the 1930s to the 1970s, not only to all the familiar «Ford» and «Cadillac», but also much less well-known car brands, such as, «Bricklin» and «Tucker»; Separate chapters deal with brand trucks and various automotive advertising services. It is especially valuable as the fact that almost all presented in the book indicate their approximate lighters collectible value (though, given the fact that the book was published in 2000, these prices can safely increase by 1.5-2 times).

A separate and interesting part of the material presented in the book - so-called cardboards, ie engraving sketches. Tell me more. Before you make any standard cigarette lighter engraved or painting, the image is pictured hand on board, at a customer's design approved color, after which he engraved on a larger scale on the copper plate - it was a prototype for mass production. Further work in the manufacture of cigarette lighters engraved with pantograph thumbnails already on the lighter (pantograph allowed to engrave both 12 lighters, using a single copper billets). The author has done a great work in the archives of Zippo, which resulted in about a hundred presented in the book engraving designs that reflect the history of advertising lighters. Even some of these designs are sometimes small masterpieces that are very interesting to see.

Summary: An excellent book not only for those who collect old advertising Zippo, but also for any collector or just interested in the history - as Zippo, and automotive. Highly recommended.

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