Stanislav Markin: Zippo the naval theme

Today, a love of Zippo will tell us the owner of one of the largest collections of themed Zippo lighters in the permanent forum participants ZippoCollector.Ru Stanislav Markin.

Greetings to all collectors and visitors site ZippoCollector.Ru. My name is Stanislav Markin, I serve our country in the Far East, and given the circumstances, became interested in collecting lighters Zippo. Therefore, I decided to write a little bit about my small but growing collection of lighters Zippo.

Zippo craze started since my studies in TOVVMU them SO Makarova, which I did in 1993 navigator faculty. Beijing - the city port and after the "cold war" he began visiting foreign naval ships on official visits, and since I was in the Naval Academy, of course, to me they (ships) are always interesting. Plus, of course, was the knowledge of English, I was given a regular secondary school and the knowledge that my mother has always insisted. Actually, during one of my visits, and there was the first lighter Zippo, which I traded for some (can not remember), the element of our form and subsequently lost, as I naturally regret.

In 1996, I went to visit, who visited with the Canadian Navy ship HMCS Winnipeg. I went on it already with only one goal ZIPPO!!!!! Actually what I got by buying it in a shop on the ship for 11 Canadian dollars (paid for her Canadian seeing me in the form of the ship near the stall). Now maybe it will pull up to 35 bucks. I think its the founder of my collection to date.

At one point I felt sorry for torturing such beauty. Seeing as the figure drops paint, I put it on the shelf and bought myself every day ordinary high polish chrome, and enjoyed a time.

Then went After graduation in 1998, the distribution, Kamchatka, the sea and colleagues from the U.S. Coast Guard, who visited our port on an official visit. Again, I helped my English. I acted as a liaison officer. And after almost every visit to your regiment reported a new lighter. Over 8 years of service, my collection has grown by as much as 7 copies that I present below:

So, actually, I was hooked.

Then in 2006 - returning to his native city, construction on the new old place, register on the site, familiarity with the market and finding dealers symbols on it with my Zippo theme. Of course - it immediately bought up :) Here are some of them:

When I realized that local resources have been exhausted, I heard from a good friend, the collector marks the miracle country Evau. Did not fail to go there and, of course, what he saw shocked me :) So, for a year to actively participate in the auction and continuously to complete his collection.

The first trial Evay:

And, of course, referring to the specifics of the service developed a certain direction of collectibles, which was the Coast Guard, as well as lighters with this symbolism is not so much and they are quite rare, and their collections have only a third of the total, but still to come ...... ;) The most interesting, in my opinion, its representatives in front of you:

Of course, I could not help but wonder lighters with Navy ships and slowly and I get them, but the emphasis is USCGC. Later, I checked on the ZEN and began to chat with collectors around the world, with one of them, we became friends and especially so this portal and contributed to my hobby, lead me in, so to speak, the right path :) After communication with collectors on ZEN I changed some perspective on the hobby and started collecting from the ground, collecting lighters have sub-themes. So, for example, collect all (because the one I already had) LHD (helicopter) are in the U.S. Navy fleet to date:

The remaining three are on their way from the U.S..

Of course, in the process of collecting managed not without incidents. For example, a particularly want to focus on here is that the lighter:

Seeing it on a hammer , I just could not be interested in her. As it turned out, and Evau it was available and, of course, was immediately purchased. Waiting sending lasted about two months (special thanks to a friend of Russia), and what was frustrating to get an empty bag with the corner torn and mortuary inscription "arrived with injuries." In upset, I wrote a letter without the seller claims and request a refund. And he was incredibly surprised by the answer:

- Send the same, in your address!

At first I did not believe it, and in general, that after two months had forgotten about it, both in obtaining another premise (and the post I already know in person and only go up say - yes or no) I have been told, "But you two ! "lack of understanding, of course, there is no limit, open and ....... SHE!! First did not believe - solidly made branded Zippo.

Later, of course, could not fail to interest Replicas, several copies of which I have:

And thus "age record" in the collection is definitely slim, USS Ranger:

Completely my entire collection you can see here on the site on my page on the forum. Thank you for your attention.

Stanislav Markin

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  1. slay (10.08.2010 15:09) ( Reply )

    Thanks for the interesting story!) Have its collection!

  2. mooncat (14.08.2010 07:12) ( Reply )

    Very nice collection Stanislav

  3. Abelardo Cabezas F. (20.08.2010 7:37) ( Reply )

    Hi Stalisnav
    A great collection and very nice site, Excellent article
    I collect military zippo
    Best regards from CHILE

  4. botas (08.10.2010 22:25) ( Reply )

    Collecting beautiful "work"! Also wish to replenish the collection! :)

  5. Ivan (11.12.2010 00:55) ( Reply )

    Hello, I really liked your kollektsiya.U vopros.Ne have to you can you tell where I can find some information about how the ship USSEUGENE A.GREENE DD 711 which is shown in my lighter Zippo? The information that I have found all in English and the only thing that I realized that he was involved in World War II and was then sold Ispanii.A's where he had served znayu.Prosto not interested to know what kind of story for zazhigalki.Ona quite in good condition though some repairs needed fixing kryshki.S regards Ivan .

  6. Cyrus (20.02.2011 02:48) ( Reply )

    There Zippo, Lighter narrow, as I understand it, 1992, embossed with the image of the ship and the words USS Gunston hall LSD-44, if interested call :-)

    1. shturman1998 (29.09.2011 09:56) ( Reply )

      where to call?

  7. Cyrus (20.02.2011 02:54) ( Reply )

    Sorry 2002