Z - Series Zippo: Trial experiments and limited edition

The project entitled "Z - Series", designed Zippo Mfg Company, consisted of two directions: Copper and 1935 Replica. Today, these items seem to us, fans of a certain brand of petrol lighters, familiar and unremarkable, but in order to understand what they represent at the time of its introduction, step back a bit and delve into history. Start from the beginning, namely, Z - Series Copper.

Over time, collectors and consumers Zippo Mfg Company wanted to purchase lighters that is fundamentally distinct from the previously released models. They would like to see that - something new. Since the company was born the concept of using innovative materials to create lighter. While working on these lighters in Zippo Mfg Company conducted experiments to create new prototypes. The main purpose was to justify the new lighter the status and prestige of the company - they have to be reliable! These test instances are not enrolled in mass production, and have remained at the level of the prototypes. Hence their uniqueness! In - First, it was the experimental samples, in - the second, they were made in limited numbers. In foreign sources Zippo collectors and experts described these specimens as "pre-production" - the pre-series production.

As the new production of the material has been selected copper (born sopper) - designation in the periodic table Mendleeva Cu (Cuprum). This metal otlchiaet several advantages: electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance. Thus, in contrast to the brass (English brass), which is an alloy of copper and zinc with a ratio of 70 to 30 (70% copper and 30% zinc), building new Zippo consisted of pure red copper (99.9%). Due to the fact that copper, in contrast to the brass, a softer and more brittle material for the body, required a delicate and sensitive treatment of the surface with the use of lighter manual labor. Zippo Manufacturing of copper is on par with manufacturing lighters, whose body was made of precious metals - gold and silver (model Solid Gold and Sterling Silver) and was a very complicated process.

All such lighters were manufactured 21,441. Zippo Copper Project "Z - Series" marked with a special stamp on the bottom - Z - Series, left under it - the inscription Solid Copper (pure copper). On the side of the Zippo, opposite the side where the hinges, using laser engraving numbers were plotted for each lighter, because, as noted earlier, it was a limited edition:

The total number of manufactured cigarette lighters were distributed to the three regions - the markets, as well as a small party intended exclusively for the members of the club of collectors Zippo Zippo Click . And so, the total batch produced copper Zippo was distributed as follows:

10,188 copies for North, Central and South America;
7507 copies for Asia and the Asia - Pacific region;
3646 copies for Europe and
100 copies for the members of collectors Zippo Zippo Click.

Next to the serial number on the side of cigarette lighters were marked caps - indexes that indicate the appropriate region:
"A" - for the countries of North, Central and South America
"E" - for Europe
"AP" - for the countries of Asia and the Asia - Pacific region and
"ZC" - for members of collectors Zippo Zippo Click.

Each lighter is packaged in a special box, inside of which is itself a lighter, a booklet, which you can find the description of the lighter and the project "Z-Series Copper" in general, and a certificate of authenticity in the form of a convolution with a serial number of lighters and index of the region:

Lighters series of Z-Series fully meet the quality standards of any other lighters manufactured Zippo Mfg Company. Today, these lighters meet periodically on sale at auction Ebay, their average price starts from $ 70 and up.

The reason for discontinuation of the lighter Z - Series Copper was in their future production and positioning: either they go beyond the experimental samples and enter into mass production with the usual stamp on the bottom, as in the past, or they are a single party with its own special stamp on the bottom and sold in a limited number.

Despite the fact that now the project Z - Series Copper can be called a one-off and is now closed to the public to purchase copper Zippo, Zippo Mfg Company has put into mass production model 161 Solid (Brushed) Copper. From lighters Z - Series it features a mass, no inscriptions Z - Series on the body and lighter at the bottom, as well as a simplified package - classic plastic or cardboard box, there may be different options. But most importantly, they are distinguished by position - they do not go to a limited number of copies are not intended for individual markets, exclusive of itself does not represent, are the usual mass model with the characteristic of Zippo lighters price. On the other hand, you can close your eyes to the packaging and positioning, because the fact is that their case is also made of pure copper. More details about the model 161 Zippo Solid Copper can be read here .

The second direction of the project "Z - Series" has been linked to the development replica 1935. This model was to recreate the look and features of the design lighters, which were issued Zippo Mfg Company in 1935. So happened that in 1935 began to appear logos on its own products - lighters. On the other hand, lighter, made in 1935, became the latest Zippo with external hinges, because then we have to do a loop exclusively internal.

Surprising is the fact that today many famous brand Zippo fans are already familiar with this model, as Zippo 1935 Replica. Just do not confuse it with the model 1935 Zippo Repilca Z - Series. In principle, they are not much different from each other, at least outwardly. Exactly the same form of the body, the same materials used in its manufacture, no visual differences. In order to understand what this model, which, at first glance, look exactly the same, compare them and talk about how they differ and what they have in common.

And so, both models of Zippo 1935 Replica and the 1935 Zippo Replica Z - Series are identical in design feature insert. He reminds that insert Replicas 1941, which according to experts and representatives of the Zippo Zippo Mfg Company, is somewhat different from the usual inserts modern Zippo lighters: square the sides, cross-cutting wheel and 16 rivet holes in the windscreen:

A second common feature of these models, as noted earlier - is the outer shape and the oblique lines diagonally protivolozhnyh front end side (although there is a model replica of 1935 and no oblique lines). Completely straight, strong, square face of the body, a flat bottom and three-link outer loop immediately distinguish the 1935 replica of a modern classic Zippo.

Next, consider the differences and Zippo 1935 Replica Zippo 1935 Replica Z - Series. In - the first of these models different positioning. Zippo 1935 Replica - is a mass model, which, according to experts and collectors of Zippo, was first released in 2007.

Zippo 1935 Replica Z - Series - this is a limited edition, only 922 copies were produced. The production of these samples began in 2006. Thus, we can conclude that these prototypes were the basis for the start of mass production of replica 1935 in 2007.

As you can see, Zippo 1935 Replica Z - Series (left) in contrast to the Zippo 1935 Replica (pictured right) has an inscription Z - Series on the shell:

Then they differ stamp on the bottom. In 1935 Zippo Replica Z - Series (left) at the bottom of the upper left corner there is a corresponding label Z - Series, a normal Zippo 1935 Replica (pictured right), a label is not in the whole stamp is different, as can be seen with the naked eye:

On the case of Zippo 1935 Replica Z - Series in the bottom right-hand corner is the serial number lighters caused by laser engraving, because, as noted earlier, this limited edition:

Well, the last difference in the two models - a design. As well as Zippo Z - Series Copper, Zippo 1935 Replica Z - Series is packed in special transparent box, which contains the lighter itself, a booklet about the project Replicas 1935 and a certificate of authenticity as a convolution with the order number:

Cue the usual 1935, as a rule, were sold here in this box:

Thus, we can conclude that, despite the limited number of lighters produced within the project "Z - Series", the ideas contained in it, was continued in the form of mass-production models Zippo 161 Brushed Copper and Zippo 1935 Replica.

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