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Our mission is not just mention of the lighters Zippo Contempo. Everyone knows that in addition to its "anchor" of the product - petrol lighters, Zippo Mfg Company also manufactures and gas models (butane lighters). The most detailed information about these interesting developments community Zippo fans around the world told a prominent collector from Germany, Andy.

First butane Zippo were presented in September 1985. The patent on them Des. 284.113 was registered by the U.S. Patent Office December 10, 1984, and finally issued June 3, 1986.

In all there were 18 models, among them as the standard (standard), and the slim model (trim). The standard model also included the gas lighters for lighting tubes. Zippo Contempo is the only lighter Zippo MFG Company, the bottom of which you can see the inscription Japan. The fact that the components and parts made in Japan, and the build was carried out in the United States. However, there are sources on the Internet, according to which the production of Zippo Contempo fully implemented in Japan. It could well be some little-known outsourcing company, to carry out orders and assembly for Zippo MFG Company. The unequivocal answer is not among collectors. Be that as it may, on the basis of logic, the development of themselves lighters are likely belongs to the company Zippo, because we know that it has been issued a patent for it in 1986.

Here is a clipping from The New York Times, which refers to the new at the time the lighter Zippo:

Zippo Contempo sold in their original packaging, within which there was a gray suede box (it - she lighter), and instructions.

On Zippo Contempo, as well as the classic petrol lighters Zippo, with a lifetime warranty:

The name of this series received a lighter, probably based on fashion trends and time. "Contempo", most likely, is the abbreviation of the word contemporary - Eng. modern, matching the spirit of the time. Surely this was due to the fact that gas lighters at the time were no less common than gasoline, and to fill the gap, Zippo MFG Company decided to release their own butane lighters. From our previous articles, you probably already know how the company liked to experiment.

Please note that the replacement of flint on the standard models (standard) and slim models (trim) is markedly different:

Positioning Zippo Contempo, as a rule, also differed from the classic petrol Zippo. If petrol Zippo as a mass product positioned as working, reliable lighters that are able to serve in the most severe conditions, the Zippo Contempo more like a luxury item. It was an attempt to enter the market of butane lighters. This is indirectly saying and the prices in the catalog, given that the Zippo butane sold in the second half of the 1980s.:

In 1988 he published a catalog of Zippo Sales Force, in which he said about the possibility of ordering laser engraving on the lighter, including models for lighting tubes.

Zippo Contempo for the tubes were different from more conventional elongated and slightly bent at an angle "nose." In the photo below right "Pipe» Zippo Contempo, left - standard:

Production of Zippo Contempo was discontinued around 1992. The main reasons for closing this project were associated with high costs themselves lighter and their expensive servicing. Despite this, the lighter has become quite popular among collectors and fans of Zippo, and unlike other gas model - Zippo Blu, is still in demand and finds its admirers.

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