Reigniting the flame: Zippo new distributor in Russia

On February 27, Moscow hosted affiliate conference, which officially announced that in 2015 the company "GALSER" became an official and exclusive distributor in Russia. This is very good news for the collection community, and we expect big changes for the better.

GALSER ready to listen to the collectors and help us. I got great pleasure from communication with the guys from GALSER and understand very well that they can change things for the better.

That's what the immediate plans of the company:

  • Increase in the number of outlets where you can buy a Zippo, including in the regions.
  • Russian-language edition of the directory Zippo (the first in the photo below).
  • Issue of new Russian designs Zippo, which we will ask in advance Collection Community: what you want, that like it or not, your ideas. You heard right: we will show the pre-Russian zippovskie designs for you!
  • The possibility of issuing club and customized lighters (edition of 30 pieces) directly in Bradford. Now it will be easier and more affordable.
  • AND FINALLY opening their own Russian service center Zippo. Now, to repair the lighter will be here.
And one more good news: in Russia will be officially delivered zippovsky gas for lovers Zippo Blu, as well as watches, household gas lighters and hand warmers!
Now slide!

Honorary diploma conferring the status of GALSER Zippo exclusive distributor in Russia:

Gift Lighter, released in Bradford edition of 50 copies exclusively for guests of the conference:

Zippo first catalog in Russian ( you can download it here ):

Your humble servant Vladimir Mihnovich company Ball Tatiana (Tatiana Ball), the regional director of Zippo in Russia, and Richard Finlou (Richard Finlow), managing director of Zippo for Europe, Asia and the Middle East:

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