Zippo Club Russia: Welcome!

Hello everyone!

I hasten to inform the esteemed community of news about the small but significant changes.

Once upon a time, Russian collectors Zippo lighters have been left to themselves, and only then in the community ru_zippo popular LiveJournal, but a few scattered branches not thematic forums were a platform for their active communication. In 2008 appeared Zippo Collector , on the basis of which was formed a year later the first Russian Zippo-forum subsequently grew into a separate project. And in 2013 there was a massive thing for the community today, Zippo Fan Club network "VKontakte", which today brings together more than 25,000 participants.

Today I am pleased to announce that we have decided to come together under one name!

With the support of the official Russian distributor Zippo Mfg Co, the company "GALSER" we now call the official collectors club Zippo Club Russia!

Certainly belongs with respect to the habits of all our members, we decided to technically integrate our platform into a new (yes it would be impossible), but to create on their basis of a single club of Russian collectors Zippo Club Russia, which are now combined under one sign on equal rights of both the online project. For all those who habitually Vkontaktik or collector, and who is proud to belong to one or another club (and many of the participants will be held immediately in both), everything remains the same. But today all participants Zippo Collector and Zippo Fan Club automatically become members of the official Russian club Zippo Club Russia.

Today, the site is open and ZippoClubRussia.Ru , which now becomes the official main entrance for all fans of Zippo (new and old) and a single brand club. But of course, all forums will continue to work on their previous sites, and no one has to run and register again!

But now our (and your) club will

  • single name
  • a single logo (soon show)
  • uniform Club lighters
  • and most importantly - support in the face of "GALSER" (and soon will be discounts for all members of the club's official store Zippo.Ru)


- Yours, Vladimir kypexin Mihnovich (ZippoCollector.Ru) and Eugene Zippomethod Trofimov (Zippo Fan Club)

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