Zippo lossproof without laces, 1954, $ 118.29

Lighter-"neteryayka" 1954, is well-preserved figure fisherman, but the lace is not preserved. The result - a price slightly lower than that of a lighter with a strap .
Sale price: $ 118.29

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Tags: 1954 , lossproof

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  1. solobok (09.04.2009 01:02) ( Reply )

    Model, without exaggeration, a genius. Sam took a (not so vintage, of course) to the forest and the boat actually neteryayka. Now, always go with the outside. The rest - for home use. But cord storage pocket lighters in apple-shaped pants neibezhno frays on the edge of the pocket. Several times shortened, will soon have to change the chain. Perhaps something similar happened with this instance. Older versions of this type have a light cord, from the shape of molded rubber. Probably less grinding than later BCF, rubber rope. Another shortcoming of the newer version of this model - with strong extensor tension "lasso" loop for the strap. She plays the role of a hinge pin. Pop up - the cover will fall off. And in a very old version of the loop for the lace was "embedded" in units of hinges, and no relief "excesses" could not happen. One of the cases where "best is the enemy of the good." : (

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