Kristian Pope «Zippo Lighters: An Identification and Price Guide»

These things publication in used but tidy able to come to me from California bukstora for the symbolic price of $ 1.00. We can not say that the book is very bad ... but it is not a very interesting name. Doubts have crept in at the sight of the cover - that was doing little-known gas lighter Zippo mid-1980s? Inside, everything was quite boring, I would say, for three-plus.

First of all, the proverbial price guide: it is made ​​on the monitoring of sales on Ebay (which is good), but has relevance to the year of publication of the book, that is, in 2003 - as a result of prices submitted for the most part irrelevant, although, of course, some ideas do provide. In this guide covers almost all the periods from 1933 to the present day, but somehow the poor, that I ... feel an apparent lack of material and the disorder (eg, Vietnam Zippo devoted two spreads, but the price is for all at once: «Most Vietnam Zippos are in $ 35 - $ 75 value range, a few of them are $ 100, "but about the lighters to 1940, there is only one page).

Feature of the book, which I will not mention the lack of - more than half of the volume is devoted to reproductions of vintage advertisements Zippo, that collectors of relevant topics will be very interesting, but I personally like the book of the lighters, and not advertising about them. However, look at the advertising spreads of 1940 - 1950 is really amusing and interesting.

Separate sections are devoted to stories about the history of Zippo and companies, as well as work on the museum and factory in Bradford. You can read it once, and the photos look a bit funny for some reason - and the thing is that they were all shot in the 1970s, they have faded vintage look, and a year is guessed at in some cases a Zippo photos and hairstyles for men :) In a small excuse to say that the illustrations actually very high quality lighters. But enough! :)

General impression: a book for beginners or collectors, or simply for those who want to know something about Zippo, or for those who are interested in history Zippovskoy advertising. Good for lying on the table and flip through periodic guests. As an explanatory handbook it is not very good, especially for the advanced collector. Summary: Meet at a used bukstore for $ 1.00 - $ 5.00, buy, more expensive - do not (do not forget that the delivery of the U.S., for example, will still three times more than the price of the book :). Unless, that is interested in old advertising posters Zippo - buy and you will not regret.

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  2. Peter (25.08.2011 23:40) ( Reply )

    Sometimes the same book appears with the name of Russel. E. Lewis on the cover, he was a co-author.

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