Kesaharu Imai «Zippo Manual, vol.1»

This is the first album in a series of six books published by the Japanese publishing house «World Photo Press» in 1992. Perhaps the most famous collector's edition of Zippo, and probably the very first printed book on the history of Zippo. As you know (and if you did not know, here you know :), it sets the pace of the Japanese in the world collecting Zippo back in the 1980s - at least, according to systematize the approach and scope of the collection of the market they have no equal, and even the Americans are far behind.

So, the book. Not even so - the book. Even despite the fact that it is in paperback, the feeling is still very solid at once, and all of the major surprises - inside. The story about Zippo starts with ... XIX century, with stories of Bradford, its development and production of oil in Pennsylvania. Then - all in order: the story of the invention Zippo, the first advertisement for the company Zippo «Kendall Oil», the emergence of print advertising Zippo, starting with the famous Varga Girl , the story of advertising Zippo from 1950, Zippo in the Second World War and Vietnam War, the history of the table lighters, sports, space and military issues, and finally, the dating Zippo. The book is done in a recognizable Japanese style - lighter color photos side by side down the page, the pages where the information is occupied every square centimeter. The quality and number of illustrations in the book at all is beyond praise. The text is written in Japanese and English, which greatly adds to the utility of those who do not read Japanese (starting with the 4th volume of the series was the only Japanese text.)

Private pleasure - availability chart pasted on the dating Zippo (so long folding paper sausage, which, if desired, can be neatly cut and hung on the wall :)). And plus, a lot of pretty rare photographs, many of which are not even on the internet to find.

In general, this is a wonderful book that issue out of the hands is not desirable. Of course, now the Internet media hundreds of times, but in 1992 this beautiful edition, which gives all the information about the history and development of the Zippo. If you, by misfortune, no internet, in general, one of the book you would have been enough to know about Zippo, if not all, the most basic.

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