Michael Grimaldi «And You Thought Zippo Only Made Lighters, volume 1"

This book - and almost the only source of invaluable information for all products of Zippo Manufacturing Company, except for proper lighters. Who would have thought that the company for all of its existence produced under its own brand, in addition to the lighter things like knives, belt clip for bills, golf balls, tape measures, magnifying glasses, boxes for tablets, flashlights, key chains? Moreover, this production was so much that she did not fit in one volume :) This book - only the first volume, which covers the period from 1960 to the end of the 1970s (the second volume to be published). Published it is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful on paper, with hundreds of illustrations, and lots of useful information. And I'm sure that all of this will be interesting even to those collectors who did not think the other products collect Zippo - so carefully and lovingly collected in the book information and illustrations. In addition to opening the company's history and production of lighters, the head of a collector's price and product evaluation and Zippo main thematic sections, broken down by product and history, the book is a nice complement - a short story about the creation of design Zippovskih products (see engraving and some sketches, as well as in Taggart's book ), and illustrated sections that briefly describes all the existing ways of applying the images on cigarette lighters and treatment methods from the beginning - all with illustrations; surprisingly, these visual Radel is not in any book! Summary: Love Zippo - read the book and see with pleasure, and not only once :)

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  1. solobok (08.04.2009 04:52) ( Reply )

    In fact, do not get tired surprising diversity zippovskoy products. Recently saw pipe "tee" in form - as keychain knife. I'm not talking about the great variety of watches from Breguet - to desktop disguised as a lighter body.

  2. Peter (12.05.2011 20:13) ( Reply )

    Volume Two released in December of 2010.

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