Robin & Dana Baumgartner «Zippo Lighters Field Guide»

This little book - a real treasure for collectors. There is a minimum of text and maximum illustrations, that is essentially a pocket guide to Zippo lighters and their prices. The book contains a large number of topics: early Zippo, advertising Zippo, Zippo military subjects, Town and Country, desktop models Zippo, sports series, collection issues and many others. The book has over 500 illustrations with an approximate indication of the value of each lighter. The rate is at the time of publication of the book, and it is the 2002nd year, so today, some of the prices need to be adjusted, but the estimated cost is quite accurate for the vast majority of models that are out there.

At the beginning of the book there are a couple of chapters on classical themes - the history of the company and the dating Zippo, nothing really new you will not find it, but it will get great pleasure from the paging and viewing pictures. The book was originally meant it as a pocket guide for those looking for a Zippo on flea markets or in meetings of collectors :) So it's small, but thick enough - look at the photo. In the pocket, of course, it is unlikely to hide it, but to carry yet easy enough.

Summary: The indispensable companion collector lighters Zippo!

And the authors. Robin and Dana Baumgartner - known American collectors, authors website . When I wrote to them to help many other collectors from around the world, but a lot of interesting items, which are presented in the book can be found on their website.

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