Advertising cargo carriers in the Zippo lighters

This is the first ever and very rarely seen an instance of advertising freight carriers to Zippo. Around 1947 the company began to offer cargo carriers advertise on lighters, on the very first Zippo appeared the names of local trucking companies in Pennsylvania, and then later joined by other States. These are then the truck ran on American roads, with about this and took the first picture on the Zippo:

Initially went on a simplified way: picture of the truck was offered the same, he could only vary the color and the name of the company on board the trailer. A little later began to add a few lines of text at the bottom. These lighters are beginning 1950 show, for example, in Japanese book Kesaharu Imai "Zippo Manual, Vol.1" . Presented here is an instance - Zippo 1947, with advertising Pennsylvania freight company «New Penn».

In the 1950-1970's, the variety of advertising on freight carriers Zippo growing and overwhelming.

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