Construction, heavy equipment and cranes on Zippo lighters

Images of construction equipment at the most common variety of Zippo trucks and tractors. There are also a variety of pavers and general advertising of road works.

1973 1973 2004 1999 1977 1979

Rare instances of bilateral engravings, and pictures from different angles are different:

1963 1963

1975 1975

Construction cranes at Zippo common. In the first two-way too lighter engraved: on the face itself tap on the back - tractor, driven by excavator on the trailer.

1969 1981

Prevalent theme of different drilling, both just drilling holes in the ground and oil drilling. The first lighter on the left - one of the earliest instances of the image on the truck Zippo, is 1947.

Zippo lighters board with technical-building subjects are rare, but still, there are:

1958 1958

To compare sizes:


Modern Zippo 2006 GMC truck with the mid-1920s:

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  1. Golden-Joker (08.04.2009 02:47) ( Reply )

    Class! but I will come to see is always something new to add to the collection! Of course the power of a desktop at all! I think weighs 200 grams, if not more :)

  2. Anton (07.04.2011 07:43) ( Reply )

    Damn Zippo thing! Sam ordered some but would like to get from this collection that either)

    1. kypexin (07.04.2011 15:46) ( Reply )

      For what it was, look and name your price - might agree :)

  3. Vladimir (20.10.2011 15:11) ( Reply )

    To kypexin - if possible you please but this lighter: - Zippo?

    1. kypexin (20.10.2011 15:12) ( Reply )

      Judging by what I see in the photo - no.

      1. Vladimir (20.10.2011 15:18) ( Reply )

        Thank you very much for your reply.

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