Vietnam Zippo 1967, $ 134.49

Zippo the Vietnam War with the logo of USA Special Forces. Rather unusual instance of the time.
Sale price: $ 134.49

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  1. BEN (5/17/2009 8:02 p.m.) ( Reply )

    Dear Vladimir! If you can, please, throw all votki (marking the hull and vnutryanki) in PM. If there is a history of the Zippo, it is advisable to read it too. As I understand Vascha price 134.49, and the course? If there is a possibly, I'll see you have pictures of all Vietnamese Zippo. Do you have a Zippo in 1933, or any marked "patent pending"? Sincerely, BEN.

    1. kypexin (17.05.2009 20:21) ( Reply )

      Hello, Ben.

      First of all, I want to clarify the situation. All lighters, about which I speak in "Price-guide" - it's not something that I myself offer for sale :) This lighters, which were sold at auction Ebay. I tell about the most interesting specimens found.

      Zippo stories about this I do not know, unfortunately, the seller and nothing about her was too. Everything about what I wrote from the Vietnam period, you can see by the tag:

      I myself do not collect any Vietnam Zippo, no earlier copies of the 1930s. My collection is presented here: . I can only assist in the search and acquisition of some rare collectible items, if you are interested :)

  2. Maxim (06.04.2011 20:41) ( Reply )

    Good vecher.Ya would like to learn about this in more detail on the lighter email me at
    From SW. Maxim

    1. faust (06.04.2011 21:44) ( Reply )

      and you have not read the comments above?

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