A strange old box marked Zippo, $ 318.13

Here's a good example of how useful to know the history and have information. The seller put the box up for auction with the description: "I do not know anything about this box, but it seems it Zippo from 1930." One, two and the price soared to a 3-digit numbers! My friends from the online club of collectors Zippo Enthusiast Network meanwhile very interested in the origin of unknown subject, asked Archivist of Zippo Linda Mebon and got the answer: the company has never used this type of box, and its origin is unclear. However, it was too late: the unidentified buyer paid $ 318.13 for a strange piece of shit :)

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  1. botas (06.05.2009 03:53) ( Reply )

    However, there is a cushion corrugated board in excellent condition. Possible that the 30's ;)

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