Vietnam Zippo as art: TV programs of the exhibition devoted to the military lighters

In 2007, in Santa Barbara, California, the artist Bradford Edwards (Bradford Edwards) held an art exhibition on the Zippo lighters since the Vietnam War. Broadcaster CBS took a very brief story in the exhibition, which is proposed to be viewed. Translation narration below :)

Small portraits in the exhibition Vietnam War caused a wave of memories from Vietnam veteran Hepa Desimon (Hap Desimone). But this is not portraits - portraits of lighters Zippo! CBS correspondent John Blackstone (John Blackstone) asked the veteran, not strange to see ordinary lighters as art objects.

"No, it's just as strange. In Vietnam, all the soldiers were Zippo. I also had, and I also did the engraving on it, "said Hap.

It is through engravings on Zippo soldiers in the war were able to express all of your thoughts.

"I've seen and heard so many soldiers speech," said the veteran, fiddling with a cigarette lighter engraved. "Here's an example:" We, the unwilling, led inexperienced to do the unnecessary, for what we did not thank "('We're the unwilling led by the unqualified doing the unnecessary for the ungrateful') ... There is something to think about!"

Zippo lighters thousands of soldiers were left in Vietnam. 15 years ago the artist Vredford Edwards (Bradford Edwards) started collecting them at flea markets flops.

"That's one interesting: broken symbol of peace, Pacifik hanging on a chain."

In a recent book presents Zippo from his collection. Edward says that each Zippo is a stranglehold on their unique history: the owner could not be angry soldier, a lone soldier, mortally weary soldiers ... Edward fascinated variety engravings on Vietnam Zippo and he began to photograph them and create copies of them (more than the actual size) depicting real Vietnam Zippo in stone, in metal, mother of pearl ...

"In this artistic performance they have a special message of engravings and given a new meaning," I am sure Edwards.

Only one sound opening Zippo lighters became a classic, and Zippo played a decisive role in one of the most terrible stories of the day. In August 1965, the entire village was burned in Vietnam with some lighters - Zippo has since become a symbol of the war as a senseless murder. But Edwards, however, considers each Zippo as a reflection of the soul of one soldier, its owner.

"Perdstavte yourself what condition the people were at war: confused, irritated, angry ... And it could be a Zippo for these tiny surface on which they can express any thought. They may look like a collection of tombstones ... and maybe saying engraved on them, could be the last words of some of their owners. "

Thousands of soldiers have returned home from the war, but their Zippo now serve the memory of them and tell us stories from the past.

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