How does the board lighter Zippo Barcroft

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Desktop model Barcroft 4 produced from the late 1950s until 1979 and was the mainstream desktop model Zippo. Unlike the first model, which used very large inserts in Barcroft 4 a conventional insert is the same as in all the Zippo. However, quite a massive body hides inside contraption device by which Barcroft four consumes in one filling is 3-4 times more fuel than usual Zippo. Inside the case is felt which is impregnated with the refueling - at first it was necessary to pour gasoline into the case. Insert in turn is in contact with the lower part of his body filler, so he soaked with gasoline.

Here is a diagram Barcroft 4 in the section and instructions on how to fill up. Note the sequence: first gasoline poured into the housing, and then later to insert :)

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