«Zippo Advertising 1958-1967»

This is a rare book about Zippo among all ever released. More precisely, it is not about Zippo, and advertising Zippo. The book was released by Reader's Digest in the late 1960s, and it collected advertisements and pages about Zippo, published in the journal «Reader's Digest» and «Life» from 1958 to 1967. Most are black and white advertising pages with a rather well-known story - photo of an old lighters and short little story about her life. Leitmotif for advertising the same: "It is working so far."

By themselves, these declarations are now collector's rarity (I mean the original Advertising from magazines of those years). Perhaps they are not the most colorful in the history of Zippo-advertising, but certainly one of the most sincere. The very same book somewhere to find almost impossible - for example, over the past six months she indeed had never appeared on Ebay and is unlikely to be there by chance. Possible its collectible value I was horrified to think!

However, I have prepared a surprise to readers :) Thanks to German collector Georg Hamlet (George Hamlet), which has created such famous sites about Zippo, as dateyourzippo.com and Zippo-fan.net , we can all see this book right here - George kindly sent me its full scan. So below you can browse its pages for a few minutes to go back to 40 years ago, the magazines of that time :)

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  1. botas (23.04.2009 00:49) ( Reply )

    A ride on the "time machine" in a heartbeat.

  2. solobok (27.04.2009 00:47) ( Reply )

    A beautiful thing! Thanks George Hamlet! In fact, a trip to historic periods. A selection also gives a fairly broad understanding of individual "fine-tuning" zippo owners: with napaek and engravings. And this gallery quietly "fused" to the gallery advertising, like as an incidental bonus. Think about it: how many more things in our everyday life, which are so often literally "chronicle" the important stages of our lives, without losing any of its utilitarian function (in this case - to give the fire)? And how many of them decorated with commemorative dates, things we use every day, many times (it uses a lighter smoker)? Lighter becomes an instrument of self-identification: a cigarette lighter held it and could not help remembering experiences. After all, as we know, the memory of the experience makes us human.

  3. Peter (01.12.2011 22:15) ( Reply )

    Collectible value of this book is $ 0.99 + $ 4 shipping :) Wonderful, more like a booklet book, bought on eBay recently.
    Scan, available here, it is not complete - the book also has instructions which ads What year is the (own ads - end of 1958 - beginning of 1967 (<-latest), so much to be exact), and the author of some of the advertising message if memory serves me - well, nothing important, but for the sake of completeness the fact.

    1. kypexin (01.12.2011 22:18) ( Reply )

      Peter, did you get the same thing that I have - that is, a modern reprint of the booklet :)

      1. Peter (01.12.2011 22:27) ( Reply )

        It is not like a modern reprint, and what kind of confidence :) Especially since not seen information on the Internet, which is a reprint of all, so that even less would like to believe -)

        1. kypexin (01.12.2011 22:29) ( Reply )

          Then let's pictures :)

          1. Peter (01.12.2011 22:32) ( Reply ) (Further comments do not nest)

            Better scan on leisure will do in the next few days, but what exactly and where to send - as always to the post :)

          2. kypexin (01.12.2011 22:34) ( Reply )

            the mail!

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