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It is known that the first patent for its lighter Zippo inventor George Blaisdell was in 1936. However, throughout its history, Zippo Mfg Co patent and its other products, while improving and old invention. Below I have listed some of the basic patent.

U.S. Patent 2032695 (1936)

The first patent for a lighter Zippo. His number was the first to be printed on the bottoms of the Zippo from 1936 to 1950 ( . PDF )

U.S. Patent 2517191 (1950)

Updated patent in 1950, which number is also printed on the stamp lighters until 1958 ( . PDF )

U.S. Patent 2774234 (1956)

Barcroft Table Lighter third model ( . PDF )

U.S. Patent 2878964 (1959)

Holder chert, virtually unchanged come down to the present day ( . PDF )

U.S. Patent D502285 (2005)

Gas Lighter Zippo BLU ( . PDF )

U.S. Patent D506572 (2005)

The shape of the hole in the windshield Zippo BLU lighters are also patented ( . PDF )

But these inventions were patented by the company, but either never made or were rare experimental development:

U.S. Patent 2803123 (1957)

Patent in 1957 for retrofit lighter with opening bottom. Such a model was never made, so the number of the patent has not been known as the previous two ( . PDF )

U.S. Patent 2645335 (1953)

Early experimental model holder for silicon ( . PDF )

U.S. Patent 2704447 (1955)

The parts to protect against flying sparks from the wheel («Cobra head»), is extremely rare in the middle of the model 1950 ( . PDF )

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