Zippo 1938 with engraving pantograph, $ 400.00

This Zippo 1938 with a very interesting story. The fact that the company has not issued Zippo lighters engraved with serial made by pantograph, until 1940. According to the seller, this lighter - a kind of prototype, the Zippo factory worker made as slippery joke. There is an English expression «I can see your Dick Line», which means that the interlocutor fly was open :) Here we see just a play on words - it is difficult to assume that the owner of lighters called Dick Lyne, though ... who knows, anything is possible :)
Sale price: $ 400.00
PS My American friend and collector Hen Gilinov wrote in a comment to the paper his version of the story - it turns out that the seller wrote it all from start to finish. Well, I am more than Hen trust, so I'm two for unverified information, but the seller of the lighter - so cool for a believable story. After all, it is his job as a direct seller - to create beautiful things around the myth. It turned out :)

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  1. hengilinov (31.05.2009 12:59) ( Reply )

    Prodovets etoj zazhigalki ochen ne nadezhniy, i ochen lubit preuvelichivat i xorosho umeet igratsa slovami. On ety zazhigalky davno na ebay pitalsa prodat, pomoemy nachel vische $ 1000, problema v tom chto, navrjatle eta prototype i takix pogovorok nety, i naverna on eta prosta vidymal chtobi vspixnyt 'zazhigalky komy nebyd'. Mi s dryz'ami / kollektsionerami obsuzhdali etot vopros ranshe, i odin iz drugov govoril s ludmi kotorie dolga sluzhili v US, ne kto iz nix ne slishal tokoi pogovorke. Klassnaja zazhigalka, no sovsem ne to chto prodovets raskazival.

    1. kypexin (31.05.2009 15:00) ( Reply )

      Yes, Hen, You live and learn ... Thanks for this useful clarification! Make an update to the article.

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