Two Zippo 1968 in boxes, $ 95.00 + $ 30.00

Paired items - lighters in 1968 (regular and slim) in a box, with instructions, even with both logo sticker with the price! These "normal» Zippo without any advertising and engravings found in this state, less than you might think. There is an explanation: lighter with a beautiful pattern, obtained as a gift, the owner is more likely to "zanachit" on the shelf and it survives to this day. A regular Zippo without drawing it will be easy to use :)
Sale price: $ 95.00 + $ 30.00

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  1. Dima (09/14/2012 22:53) ( Reply )

    First time here
    It is available and if so, how and with whom?
    Or is it just the picture?

    1. kypexin (14.09.2012 23:36) ( Reply )

      Dima, read this:

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