Zippo 1976 Walt Disney World, $ 187.50

Disney is a rare Zippo, but the price with Mickey Mouse will not be compared :) Pricing in these instances remains a mystery :)
Sale price: $ 187.50

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  1. Captain Murphy (13.06.2009 13:05) ( Reply )

    I have seen many of these Zippo and can not understand why they are so sought after?

    1. kypexin (20.06.2009 00:04) ( Reply )

      In fact, the explanation is quite simple: "Disney" Zippo is one of the few who fall under the laws of nicotine. Ie company Disney, is strongly associated with cartoons, children's activities, etc., around 1980 ended abruptly advertised on things, one way or another related to tobacco (as well as many other companies, by the way.) Hence the rarity of such specimens, and the high demand for them.

      The second point - that's what Disney is the iconic American brand, along with Coca-Cola, McDonald's, etc. Thus, the lighter its symbols come to the attention of two (or more) groups of collectors - collectors and collectors lighters Disney theme at all. Zippo so similar advertising izobrazheniyai will always rare and expensive.

      The third point - the mystical :) That's so historically happened that collectors provide for such Zippo lot of money. Perhaps this is some sort of curse :) Personally, I can not rationally explain this phenomenon. But there it is. This happens when a thing suddenly acquires an aura of worship and abruptly starts very highly thought of for no apparent reason ... and then out, and as much as two obvious reasons I have listed above :)

  2. botas (16.06.2009 03:13) ( Reply )

    1) copies of Disney Zippo was small.
    2) Disney Zippy requested by people who grew up on these cartoons and could part with his childhood do not want.

    Here's another one:
    1974 Donald Duck Zippo * NEVER USED * MINT NEW CONDITION *
    US $ 949.99

  3. Captain Murphy (16.06.2009 21:20) ( Reply )

    Thank you, I'll know.

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