Zippo during World with yellow paint, $ 76.00

This is typical of the Second World Zippo. Everything in it, as they say - insert, wheel with horizontal notches, 14 Hole windscreens, three managers in eyelet ... for one difference: the paint on it is not usual for that time, the black and gold! Very mysterious and little known thing. There is a version that is very limited such «yellow crackle» issued at that time specifically for the tank - because black lighter in the darkness of the tank can be easy to lose ... But it's the only version. Be that as it may, I invite you all to bite your elbows together on the topic of what a miserable price went so rare and unusual instance!
Sale price: $ 76.00

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Tags: 1943 , WW2

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  1. solobok (08.06.2009 03:01) ( Reply )

    I looked at the price - and cry ... Do not keep track of all ... Where are my eyes?

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