Kesaharu Imai «Zippo Collection Manual, vol.3»

Just now from the ocean to me sailed another miracle Japanese Zippo-thought. This is the third book Kesaharu Imai from the Japanese series «Zippo Collection Manual». About the first I've written , and the second while never never met (we must take into consideration the rarity of these publications, randomly appearing on the market with collectors about every six months, hardly more often). The third came in 1994.

As I mentioned, the books in this series are made in pure Japanese style - on some pages of information busy literally every square inch of paper, and other spreads contain just one big photo Zippo. And all this is of the highest quality! The book is divided into seven parts, which are called "museums": Museum of experimental models, the museum advertising Zippo, museum renovation Zippo, museum masterpieces Zippo, Museum of History Zippo, Zippo collection and the museum of new products (both times in the early 1990s ushered in a new Wave Release merchandise with symbols Zippo, which included mostly jambalaya for an active lifestyle - clothes, watches, handbags, etc.).

The most interesting and unique part of the book - it is definitely museum experimental models! I never in my life did not even know how many different prototypes Zippo was created over the years (well, I mean, I knew, of course, but the first time I saw a lot in this book!). Characteristically, even now, and even on the internet this does not occur, so I do not know how it happened :) And look at what really is: prototypes Zippo 1932 with the case of two times higher than normal, Zippo with strongly rounded corners and almost oval forms, Zippo, whose cover is attached directly to the insert through horizontal pin (and by the way, different forms of cover, for example, the wavy line between the lid and the body), Zippo with a wheel, inverted "backwards" and a mechanism for automatically extracting sparks immediately when you open the lid , later models Zippo of copper and aluminum, pearl trim, experimental engraving end of the 1930s, are made in different techniques, Zippo, colored paint of various colors ... well, all this can be seen for a long time and can only wonder - all these things There are only one or two or three copies, and, as I said, even on the Internet at collection sites do not meet, not to mention some Ebay!

The remaining sections, in principle, is also very interesting, mainly as visual aids. And as a collection of Zippo, presented in the book can be seen at all hours - a few thousand (!) The most-most instances, sorted by year since the early 1930s and up to 1993-ho! There is where freeze, given that this section takes up almost half of the book - about 170 pages! :)

Summary: The book is as rare as it is wonderful. Perhaps these Japanese editions are generally the most informative of all the existing books about Zippo (except for mega-encyclopedia Zippo David Pur, but I tell you about it later.)

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