How to wear Zippo: strength of fragile surfaces

Active use almost any Zippo lighters wear out :) Let's face it: Zippo - it's still not jewelry, and quite utilitarian lighter. Knowingly Zippo lifetime guarantee does not extend to cover the body and overhead emblem.

Least prone to wear model brushed chrome, brushed brass - over the years they just "wiping." Silver Zippo dim, copper - are covered with a patina ... One of my favorite Zippo, brushed chrome, 1947, if you wish could tell you the whole story, if you could say:

Here's another unique instance - Good Zippo 1940. She loop and insert 1950. How much she had seen, I am interested in? .. :)

Here are two of old Zippo from my collection techniques. Very worn, but still look great!

But the modern model Antique Copper 301 FB, which was once brand new. It was bought about two years ago. On the left it is new, right - after a year of active use:

But what a perfect look it had in 2.5, almost daily use - a real "work horse":

Many people ask how strong covering of a model Zippo. The answer may be the same: it is durable, if Zippo is on the shelf. If Zippo dragged pockets, especially with keys, coins and so on., It is not too strong :)

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  1. Igor (14/05/2009 01:06) ( Reply )

    218ZB paint on my 9 years of everyday wear almost no where dismounted. So that the paint seems to have kept long enough.

  2. Golden-Joker (14.05.2009 01:38) ( Reply )

    If we look at the beautiful 1940? Is not she a workhorse? It was used 70 years! and look at her divine krvsotu, no no, you see, move the arrow and take a look! it is divine! it represents perfection Zippo, who can be against?

  3. DMK (07.06.2009 13:31) ( Reply )

    So what happens? 161 model of solid copper with a brand copper - the identity of brass and is covered on top "like copper"? but I really wanted to order this modelku

    1. kypexin (11.06.2009 12:22) ( Reply )

      no, you're right - solid copper is made of pure copper and not just oblezet
      but "antique copper" - this is just the outer coating to wear out

      1. timur9 (02.09.2009 10:58) ( Reply )

        Do you happen to have a photo solid copper after extended wear, I wonder how it will look.

        1. kypexin (2.9.2009 13:29) ( Reply )

          No, this unfortunately is not.

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