Zippo slim 1956: the elegance and glamor

In 1956, the company unveiled the first Zippo slim - narrow lighter, originally positioned as a "woman." Advertising campaign developed appropriate direction: slim model was called "brilliant" and "glamorous" and was intended primarily for gifts to the ladies. The company «Dennison» even developed for the design of the new Zippo pretty boxes, designed specifically for the model slim, which was made a flip lid, so that the lighter in a box can be put right and to show how the exhibition:

It was another great marketing tool company, through which the new model breaks into cheers. The elegance and glamor to the slim-models, by the way, safely survived to the present day. Here is a model slim 2000 issue:

Structurally narrow Zippo, however, loses some traditional patterns. First of all, size: many uncomfortable in his hand a little lighter. In addition, it holds less fuel and requires more frequent refueling, and generally more whimsical work. So what to do - glamor girl :))

Well, here's the very first Zippo slim release in 1956. This model No.1615 was one of the first three, which began production of slim Zippo and which was advertised on the pages of the magazine:

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