Lighters Streamliter

Lighter Streamliter

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Lighter Streamliter made by Drum Company of Bristol, Pennsylvania, in 1950-1960's. This company was so commonplace that it has more of unknown and rare lighters its production are on sale on Ebay every year :)

I accidentally came across one and purchasing was so impressed with her good grace, forms and pleasant feeling in his hand, that he immediately went over her insides, cleaned, filled and put it in my pocket every day, despite the fact that I do not smoke. It is at the moment - no one in my hit parade of lighters! See for yourself what a beauty. Lighter my picture instructions kindly sent Artie Andrews of Richmond, USA.

According to the manual, then Streamliter cost $ 4 - not the cheapest lighter! It was possible to select the font for your monogram and ordered from the manufacturer personalized lighters, previously shown in the picture, where in the body do the engraving, and send an order by mail.

Streamliter higher, wider at the shoulders and handsome, straight top-model against unassumingly Zippo:

The cover is spring-loaded two plates so that it is enough to lift up to 30 degrees, then it jumps to fully open myself - that I have not seen so far that no one model of lighters. Closes a very soft, delicate with a soft thud. Sorry, can not show it here :)

Drum Streamliter from Trenton, New Jersey

Sunday, October 25th, 2009

Funny striped Streamliter dark steel color and with a funny windscreen - as if it missed to the right number of holes:

In contrast to the first Strimlaytera of Bristol , this native of Trenton, New Jersey, although the same manufacturer - The Drum Company:

Two together: