Novel Lark: Zippo Windy Girl

Saturday, April 13th, 2013

We continue our traditional categories "Collectors". Resource always had its own unique members: most of them are interesting and talented people with a refined aesthetic taste, which have their particular vision of beauty. The hero of this article - is no exception. Dear readers, this time on his remarkable thematic collection will tell us a permanent forum member Roman lark.
PS All the pictures presented in this review are the copyright.

Dear collectors and lovers of lighter ZIPPO.

My name is Roman Lark, I live in Moscow and in his free time working in the collectibles Art Institute named after VI Surikov.

My acquaintance with ZIPPO was in 1994 when I was 16 years old.

A neighbor, a grown man, sitting on a bench at the entrance and a monotone "flipped" cover. I asked to see his toy and he proudly handed me the iron box. "This Zippo, Lighter American" - with some disdain in my address he stated.

Then, in the early nineties, the country was overrun by one import: double cassette recorders, video recorders, the Mars Snickers, Donald chewing gum, Coca-Cola, of course, lighter ZIPPO poured into our lives. Nobody knew their catalog numbers, names coatings did not understand Date: all this was just ZIPPO. No other unnecessary refinements.

Get a hold of this piece of stamped brass, memory began to revive footage of Hollywood blockbusters, in which "it" has already occurred: Indiana Jones, Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man, Die Hard, and another, and another, and another. Then he remembered that the Zippo - an essential attribute of bikers, rockers and other informal folk.

Being at that time a representative of the underground youth, absorbed heavy music, instantly formed a wish: "I want!". Especially, jacket, leather jackets with a suitable pocket already had, and I smoked at the time, I must admit, like a chimney.

So I got my first real U.S. lighter ZIPPO: gold, polished, with sprawling wings eagle Harley Davidson.

Even now, almost 20 years later, I remember very well how ZIPPO gaining popularity, turning from uncomplicated Gizmos object of worship. It is hard to imagine any youth group, which does not have a recognizable came the clatter.

But I enjoyed my cigarette lighter is not a long time - two years, maybe three. From the constant wearing "gold-plated" began to descend from the sale of virtually disappeared "right" gasoline, giving way to a smoky surrogate and by switching to disposable lighters, like Cricket, my fetish migrated to the bookshelf.

Afterwards, I tried several times to revive the tradition of using petrol lighter, but all in vain. Until now, it lies in his leather waist pouch from the eponymous manufacturer.

Probably never would have, I did not use ZIPPO and, moreover, has not started to collect them, if not for New Year's Eve 2011/2012, when my girlfriend gave me a gift: overturned everything upside down BottomzUp. Until that day I had never heard of the lighters with two stamps, and generally knew little about ZIPPO. As usual, all new inspires confidence, and I went to surf the Internet in search of information on how to determine the authenticity of my gift. I soon came across a Russian site collectors A couple of days left to the study of the principles and details of this tricky business. In parallel, I stare at the collection of other participants: the ships, vintage copies of "cigarette" series, etc. Somewhere at this point, for the first time saw a lighter Series Windy Girl. Somewhat later, after walking for online shopping, found that in nature there are many lighters with the girls - all different designs, shapes, colors. I liked them very much, we can say sank into the soul, and I decided to buy several different instances. However, I was disappointed: the windows of the samples presented on hands. There was only one possible option - to try to develop an international trading platform. So I tried to make my first purchase on eBay. To my surprise, it worked, no problems, and ....

And so there was a relationship.

Further, as with any collector, increasingly ran his eyes, more and more necessary to indulge in various pleasures of life with only one purpose - to get another copy liked. My collection began to multiply, to fill up not only serial but also quite rare specimens.

The first in my future collection was lighter ZIPPO Harvest Bronze Windy Girl by MAZZI. The most valuable of the currently available, consider it a model Replica 1941 Replica and 1937 ZIPPO Windproof Lady with falling leaves and the letter «Z» Damsel on the sleeve coat. Although, of course, the distinction between more or less I have no favorite: each is valuable in its own way and love them all. Here, I think, it is worth noting that the value is determined by its prevalence lighters, or, more correctly - a rarity, but not cash equivalent. Although, as is usually the case, the less frequently found in nature particular instance, the less he released copies, so it is usually more expensive than necessary.

As an example, I can give a couple of his lighters: Windy Girl Deluxe Gift Kit Satin chrome and Windy Girl * She passed the fan test White matte. And one, and the second produced in limited series of 30 copies. Both have serial number 25/30. That's all. Later, the assembly line factory ZIPPO gone conventional, serial lighters similar coatings and images full of doubles, so to speak, but without the numbers. And may they all have the same cost, but "license" will always be more valuable than the lighter. In any case, for collectors.

The bulk of his lighters I acquired abroad. The main reason - more choice. Last but not least is the question of price, because we all know that it is much cheaper. To date, I have established business contacts with several vendors from Europe and the United States, which themselves inform me about the admission of new products in its stores in a series of Windy Girl: write, suggest, remind. I buy. Overall - a close mutually beneficial cooperation, interesting for both parties.

As the collection of a desire to present it to the audience. Agree to have a collection of something, and enjoy it alone, at least, not interested. Need to take a picture and put it all online for public review. Then I helped my long-standing interest in photography: with a mini-photo studio, I try to combine a simple subject shooting with the original creative idea and technology. For example, at the moment, I am preparing a series of works using anaglyph technology - the so-called stereo image that you want to browse through special stereo glasses with red / blue filter. Lovers to spend their leisure in cinemas will understand what is at stake. Produce unusual and quite interesting. Several of these works I presented on the notorious among fans ZIPPO forum ZEN, and received positive reviews from teammates. This not only brings the joy of the offense, but also stimulates me to create new works that are of interest not only to me but also to colleagues on hobby.

My main collaborator on collecting - my girl Eugene. The one which was revived thanks to the passion ZIPPO. It is for me and the main generator of ideas, it is also the critic photographs. That is, a creative director. As Windy Girl - is lighter with a picture of girls, but for me, after all, the girl first, and then the lighter, we sometimes give them appropriate feminine attributes: polishes, lipsticks, bracelets, flowers, perfume, candy. In general, all that will adorn a woman, even from the picture, but what can not possibly be a man. All these women "joy" Jack I gladly supplies, helping to create the installation for the shootings. She also, no less carefully than I did, tracks appearing on the market lighters, said what, where and how much. In a word - a fan of "vindyushek." Other relatives / friends / acquaintances, though sympathetic to my hobby, but for the most part, do not share it. There are around me and those who believe it is a useless exercise, or even foolish. Well, collecting is not a business, it is not profitable.

That's all that I wanted to say. Everything else for me doskazhut photos of my lighters. Their further recruitment in the collection, I will spread on your page to display. Check back often, watch, rate. Thank you.

Novel Lark

Stanislav Markin: Zippo on a naval theme

Saturday, August 7th, 2010

Today, a love of Zippo will tell us the owner of one of the largest collections of themed Zippo lighters in the permanent forum participants ZippoCollector.Ru Stanislav Markin.

Greetings to all collectors and visitors site ZippoCollector.Ru. My name is Stanislav Markin, I serve our country in the Far East, and given the circumstances, became interested in collecting lighters Zippo. Therefore, I decided to write a little bit about my small but growing collection of lighters Zippo.

Zippo craze started since my studies in TOVVMU them SO Makarova, which I did in 1993 navigator faculty. Beijing - the city port and after the "cold war" he began visiting foreign naval ships on official visits, and since I was in the Naval Academy, of course, to me they (ships) are always interesting. Plus, of course, was the knowledge of English, I was given a regular secondary school and on the knowledge that my mother has always insisted. In fact, during one of the visits I had the first and lighter Zippo, which I traded for some (can not remember) element in our form and subsequently lost, as I naturally regret.

In 1996, I went to visit, who visited with the Canadian Navy ship HMCS Winnipeg. I went on it already with only one goal ZIPPO!!!!! Actually what I got by buying it in a shop on the ship for 11 Canadian dollars (paid for her Canadian seeing me in the form of the ship near the stall). Now maybe it will pull up to 35 bucks. Her and I think the founders of my collection to date.

At one point I felt sorry for torturing such beauty. Seeing as the figure drops paint, I put it on the shelf and bought myself every day ordinary high polish chrome, and enjoyed a time.

Then went After graduation in 1998, the distribution, Kamchatka, the sea and colleagues from the U.S. Coast Guard, who visited our port on an official visit. And again, I helped my English. I acted as a liaison officer. And after almost every visit to your regiment reported a new lighter. Over 8 years of service, my collection has grown by as much as 7 copies that I present below:

So, actually, I was hooked.

Then in 2006 - a return to his native city, construction on the new old place, site registration, familiarity with the market dealers symbols and finding it with my Zippo theme. Of course - it immediately bought up :) Here are some of them:

When I realized that the local resource is exhausted, he heard from a good friend, collector signs of a miracle Evau country. Did not fail to go there and, of course, what he saw shocked me :) So, for a year to actively participate in the auction and continuously to complete his collection.

The first trial Evay:

And, of course, referring to the specifics of the service developed a certain direction of collectibles, which was the Coast Guard, as well as lighters with this symbolism is not so much and they are quite rare, and their collections have only a third of the total, but still to come ...... ;) The most interesting, in my opinion, its representatives in front of you:

Of course, I could not help but wonder lighters with Navy ships and slowly and I get them, but the emphasis is USCGC. Later, I checked on the ZEN and began to chat with collectors around the world, with one of them, we became friends and especially so this portal and contributed to the hobby of mine lead me in, so to speak, the right path :) After communicating with collectors on ZEN I changed some perspective on the hobby and started collecting from scratch, collecting lighters are sub-themes. So, for example, collect all (because the one I already had) LHD (helicopter) are in the U.S. Navy fleet to date:

The remaining three are on their way from the U.S..

Of course, in the process of collecting managed not without incidents. For example, a particularly want to focus on here is that the lighter:

Seeing it on a hammer , I just could not be interested in her. As it turned out, and Evau it was available and, of course, was immediately purchased. Waiting sending lasted about two months (special thanks mail Russia), and what was frustrating to get an empty package, PUNCTURE angle and mortuary inscription "received with injuries." In upset, I wrote a letter without the seller claims and request a refund. And he was incredibly surprised by the answer:

- Send the same, in your address!

At first I did not believe, and in general, that after two months already and forgot about it, as in the preparation of the next parcel (as in the post already know me in the face and say just go up - yes or no) I am told: "And you two ! "misunderstanding, of course, there is no limit, and open ....... SHE!! At first did not believe - solidly made branded Zippo.

Later, of course, could not fail to interest Replicas, several copies of which I have:

And thus "age record" in the collection is definitely slim, USS Ranger:

Totally my whole collection you can see here on the website on my page on the forum. Thank you for your attention.

Stanislav Markin

Daryl M. Malloy: vintage Zippo

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

Today our guest is American collector Daryl "Mike" Malloy. He collects vintage Zippo.

Hey. My name is Mike. I live in Pennsylvania, a small town about three hours' drive from Bradford. My wife kollektsioniruem Zippo since 1990. Rich did not name - rather, we live modestly, "from the payment to payment." The number of cigarette lighters in my collection I never thought (bad sign!), But it's probably about a thousand pieces. Almost all of them - in boxes, in perfect unused condition (MIB, mint in box). I most like the lighter model Ultralite, and roulette Zippo, and my wife enjoys Zippo 1960-1970-ies.

Most of the recharge to the collection we find at flea markets, sales, in antique shops and at auctions.

Both of my parents - collectors, they collect items from vestmorlendskogo glass , which were issued by the Pennsylvania Westmoreland Glass Company from 1890 to 1984. Do not believe me, both of them are over 80, and every day they hunt at flea markets for new acquisitions!

I deal with a lot of collectors and associates, and I really like to watch other people's collections, and to show our. How did it start? It's hard to say, because I've never been a smoker ... but once upon a time my godfather Frank gave me my first cigarette lighter Zippo. I was also very fascinated that each Zippo lighters can be identified year - it brings additional interest in picking up.

I wish you all successful acquisitions!

Roulette Zippo

Zippo lighters

Ray Taylor: advertising Zippo

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

Today our guest is a friend of mine from England Ray Taylor. He collects military and promotional Zippo.

Hello, my name is Ray Taylor. I live on the south coast of England, near the port city of Portsmouth.

I became interested in Zippo just three years ago. I am fond of collecting symbols Jack Daniels and came across Zippo Jack Daniels. After that, I noticed that there are thousands of different selling lighters Zippo, and I grabbed a new hobby. I joined the club of collectors ZippoClick and began to take on different lighters Zippo, at first everything that attracted my attention, from vintage to new.

The club ZippoClick I found a lot of new friends and started to learn a lot about Zippo and Collectibles. At first, because I did not know anything about it, but collectors in the club shared the huge amount of information on the forum and in private correspondence, and my passion for Zippo and my collection grew to the extent that, as I learned about the new Zippo.

Now my collection Zippo two main themes: the military and promotional Zippo. It is a pity that I did not collect Zippo before, when I worked at the naval base, which came to military ships from around the world, but as they say, better late than never. I also collect Zippo with my name (Taylor, Ray or Raymond) on them - there are many companies with similar names and in my collection there are several such lighters.

I have just a collection of about 300 lighters from the 1930's to the present day. Here I show my favorite specimens. But for me the most expensive Zippo - the ones that were given to me by friends or acquaintances collectors.

The most moving story - it's Zippo, released me at the end of 2007. I work in the ferry company "Wightlink", she owns 11 ferries, floating on the Isle of Wight in the English Channel. The flagship of our fleet is called "St. Clare ". I thought it would be cool to have a Zippo with his izobazheniem, and ordered 100 of these corporate lighters, most of them went to friends and acquaintances collectors. Picture of my lighters are presented in this article.

I wish you all good luck in Russian collectors collecting favorite Zippo!

Ray Taylor

Robert Moon: old advertising Zippo, part of the first

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Today our guest is my Californian friend Robert Moon. His collection is so large and diverse that it simply will not fit into a single article, so I will be showing her piece by piece :)

My name is Robert Moon, I collect Zippo lighters and tapes since the early 1970s. I am 54 years old, I live in Sacramento, the state capital of California. My passion for Zippo started when my godfather Bob found out that I smoke, and gave me a few lighters Zippo. Two of them I left myself, and the others gave to his brothers. These two lighters are still with me, one of them - Zippo 1967 with the symbols of the hockey team California Seals, and the other - with advertising Paint RUST OLEUM. Both lighters still work fine! By the way, for 35 years I carry Zippo pocket almost daily.

My first collection was replenished slowly, casually acquired Zippo: it gave some of his relatives or friends, it was lighter campaigns Marlboro, then something else. The first lighter with the symbols of the Navy United States gave me my younger brother, it was a Zippo with the American ship USS South Carolina. Now I have a lot of copies, dedicated to the Navy, including a Zippo with the symbols of naval aviation, submarines, helicopter parts, and many military units of other countries, such as Japan, France, Britain and others. I also have a lighter with the symbols of other military units - Amphibious Force, Air Force, U.S. Coast Guard and others. My oldest Zippo - black crackle, 1943, worn but still in perfect working order after 65 years from the date of issue.

Used on most of my collection, but I was bought on Ebay since the beginning of the 2000s, where you can find almost any rarity both from American sellers and around the world. My favorite theme collectibles - advertising Zippo lighters with the symbols of products and companies. These lighters have been widely produced after the Second World War and were given as a corporate or promotional gifts. I collect Zippo, advertising or depicting heavy equipment, trucks, tractors, cranes, marine and river vessels, rail or marine company. In my collection of about 1,000 lighters Zippo.

Trucks, cars and road machinery

Cranes, excavators, bulldozers, pipe-laying

To be continued ...

Robert Moon

Alexei Loktev: Jack Daniels Zippo

Saturday, May 23rd, 2009 opens a new heading "Collectors Zippo». There are those who collect Zippo, will tell our readers about yourself and your collections of lighters. I'll try here to invite many of his fellow collectors from the U.S., UK and Europe - they definitely have something to share with us :) And we will pioneer Alexei Loktev, who will present his collection of Zippo Jack Daniels :)

Greetings to all fans Zippo, collectors and interested. My name is Alex Loktev, I'm a student, a little hudozhnichayu, design, admin, and, concurrently, a bit of a collector. With the submission of Vladimir Mihnovich's decided to write a little bit about my small but growing collection of lighters Zippo.

Passion for Zippo, probably, at me from school, I remember, in the sixth grade to seventh my friends bought Chinese imitations of Zippo in a stall, "Tobacco", and refueled their cheap gasoline out of transparent plastic bottles that are bought in the same place. Lighters stank terribly gasoline flowed and were disgusting quality, so for a long time are not enough. My gold color, also successfully broke down and resting on the ash heap of history.

Much later, when I started smoking, thinking about buying this Zippo, such that, for centuries. Then I went to the store and saw a rotating display case Zippo, and opted for a lighter heart (something like a strict and classical), this was the model 20171 Diamonds in Shadow, Chrome (High Polish Chrome). It was then that I was what is called a "fuse." It had served me a good couple of years and then was lost, as I am very sorry. Then I bought it instead a simple model - 230.25 Brushed Chrome, which is still alive, despite the fact that recently, I do not smoke.

However, what I do not smoke, I do not mind to collect lighters. Theme of my collection at the moment - it is an American whiskey Jack Daniel's. Why Jack? Probably because so happened historically that this whiskey, I relate interesting memories, and Zippo lighters also sometimes found to be extremely interesting logo variations Jack.

For example, here is the anniversary lighter in my collection, released for the 150th anniversary of Mr. Jack, one of the most beautiful specimens. We were really this extraordinary man's name was Jasper Newton Daniels and Jack - a nickname. He left behind a lot of legends like about yourself, and about his whiskey. The fire destroyed the courthouse precise dates in the life of Mr. Jack, so no one really knows the exact date of his birth. So the tradition of Mr. Jack's birthday is celebrated throughout September.

Many lighters you can see the inscription "no.7". What does this mean? The fact that this sort of Jack Daniel's, this is understandable, but where did the number seven? On this score, too, there are a few legends. One of them says that it was just a room for the railway transportation shown on the barrel. Another legend is this: when Mr. Jack developed the recipe for his whiskey, he stopped at the seventh attempt, and decided to stop there. But how things really - no one knows. Mr. Jack took that secret to the grave.

Alexei Loktev