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As at 99% to distinguish a fake Zippo, having in hand the real

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

This is amazing in its simplicity and effectiveness of the recipe gave me a friend of mine from New Zealand Paul Fleming - the world famous Zippo-carver who creates for lighters unique masterpieces , each unique. A short interview with him I still have, and that's actually a recipe of how to distinguish fake Zippo.

If you have at hand is the Zippo, the authenticity of which you are 100% sure, to determine the other fakes, do the following. Remove the screw that holds the spring flint lighters from this and try to screw it into one that is suspect. At 99%, it does not screw the fake Zippo. The answer is simple: Zippo at home in the U.S. uses the English system of measures (inches, etc.), in which there is a specification of screw threads, and almost all the fakes are made in Asia, where in the course of metrics (and the thread is measured in millimeters) . Therefore, Asian screw is not screwed into the American thread.

Lighters like Zippo

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

There are many brands of cigarette lighters that are externally repeat design Zippo, however, can not be called counterfeit Zippo for one simple reason: they are never written the word "Zippo". These windproof lighters are just an imitation Zippo, but by themselves are quite "honest" products (leaving aside the fact that the design is borrowed - to come up with something different from the traditional design with a hinged lid and wind screen - it's like that reinvent the wheel.)

Below I will show a few of these lighters that are not fakes Zippo, but only repeated its design.

Very common lighters Chinese firm STAR. There are two types of STAR - cheap and luxury :) Cheap quality and feel very different from Zippo, they are light, made of an alloy similar to aluminum. More expensive models are of higher quality.

On an insert is lighter STAR logo and website address

I have a lighter in the collection known Korean brand Barlow. Externally, it is very similar to Zippo, but a closer look shows the difference in quality of the performance of small parts, the wheel, the stamp:

At the auctions, you can find dozens of other lighters, anyway Zippo-like in appearance, but their stamp can harbor a variety of surprises - not all of them Zippo, lighters and other brands. The most common Japanese and American models of lighters Park, Penguin, there are also many others. Some look like Zippo everything except actually die, others have different mount cover, windshield design, etc. - But the principle of the design is still the same.

But the Japanese manufacturer Idealine went the other way. This cigarette lighter can be accurately distinguished from Zippo - by significantly smaller size. Children Zippo - the right of this :)

Fake Zippo lighters

Friday, August 14th, 2009

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One of the most common issues faced by lovers of Zippo - is the question of the authenticity of lighters. Fill this gap, in this article I will try to tell about the authenticity of the Zippo, about fake, their varieties and about how to find out if yours is not a fake lighter.

We agree that the "fake Zippo" - it's lighter, which is not made by Zippo, but that says "Zippo". There is a lot similar to Zippo lighters other brands, which I would not call the fakes - they are in another article.

Unfortunately for you and me, counterfeiters do not stand still, and often make very high quality imitation. So you can never be 100% sure, if you have the slightest doubt about the authenticity of the lighter. Even sometimes I'm wrong (although through my hands were hundreds of Zippo almost all the time), and is particularly difficult to identify a fake one just photos. More or less you can be assured only if carefully explore the lighter "live."

For a start - a quick tutorial about how you can have a chance to distinguish a fake.

What do I need to pay attention to if you are in doubt about the authenticity of Zippo:

  1. Accuracy of performance. At present Zippo will never be sharp edges, burrs, sloppy Pasted posters, etc.
  2. The fit of parts. At present Zippo will never be gaps in the attachment loop, the wheel, etc.
  3. The stamp on the bottom must be neat and pressed, not engraved! And, of course, the same as the table of dating . Osobeo pay attention to small details such as the location icon ® or the distance between the stripes or dots.
  4. The same applies to the inscriptions on the inserts: they must be printed, not engraved, and with something of the same table dating inserts .
  5. The case of this Zippo be left in the hands of a pleasant experience. Many fake Zippo touch left feeling cheap low quality stuff, sometimes there are even very low-quality cast or sheet metal housing.
  6. The same applies to the quality of the insert. Furthermore, it should be freely removable from the housing.
  7. The sound of an opening Zippo not be confused with anything. Only the real Zippo will give a distinctive mellow and sonorous click (or click, if housing pasted posters).
  8. What is shown on the lighter should not go beyond a reasonable :) Ask yourself, but could the company to release a Zippo lighter? Of course, no pornography, Nazi symbols or something absurd / obscene on this Zippo can not be (if it's certainly not homemade or trench-art). Also excluded grammatical and factual errors on this Zippo.
  9. Point of sale and the price Zippo. You can not buy genuine Zippo in the subway or tobacco shops for 150 rubles! In Russia, the price of new Zippo start from 600-700 rubles for the cheapest model.
  10. On a box with a cigarette lighter has to be pasted article - a piece of paper with a bar code and the name and model number. If not, then it's not a sign of a fake. But if he is, he should have just pasted! If it's printed right on the box, this feature 100% fake.

For the rest, to distinguish the fake from the real one can surely only studying Zippo, holding a variety of lighters and imagining what Zippo generally happen. Tell you about the same Zippo all - one of the main goals of our website :)

Now, a few illustrations about fake Zippo.

A very common thing in the Zippo Vietnam era - an engraved stamp:

Compare - on top of a fake stamp, bottom true:

Another stamp, look at what the numbers used in the inscription "2517191" - on this Zippo such font has never been used:

Engraved insert amazingly shitty quality! This forgery is recognized immediately to the naked eye:

This Zippo was bought by our reader in Penza for 4000 rubles. Very sorry to upset her about the authenticity of the lighter (or rather, false)

Of course, such a horrible Harley Zippo just by sound logic could not let himself die :) At first glance this seems, however ® letter he did not at that place. This stamp in 2006 should be:

For comparison, look, it looks like the same model Zippo's original performance:

This is - a fake noose cover! Such carelessness gaps on this Zippo simply can not be:

Fake Mickey Mouse:

Fake Michael Jackson, RIP (a copy should be alerted immediately, especially if it went on sale at a high price and pretty soon after the death of a character)

Quite a common Chinese fake the absurd inscription "FAME VEHICLE" (I did not translate in the state). To the touch it represents a remnant of cheap manufactured by casting (as it actually is)

Another low-quality cast, do not even bother to put the letter of the month:

Another kind of Chinese Casting - "CENTURY EAGLE". This specimen was found at a flea market. It remains the envy of the unknown master, has made such an amusing imitation of military lighters! In actual fact, it is all the same cast Chinese artifact.

Note the characteristic texture of the casting that has never been seen on this Zippo:

Chinese fakes somehow much more often than others are figures XII or XIII on the stamp. In this case, the very form of punching pattern differs deliberate angularity, "square" and sharp edges are not peculiar to the present lighters:

Zippo with Soviet symbols are usually made on the basis of cheap Chinese imitations, otherwise they would cost too much and produce them for foreign tourists would be unprofitable. Of course, the company is to produce Zippo could not:

Fake Harley Davidson, photos sent to me by Robert Moon from California. Note the very sloppy hinge cover and the same emblem sloppy, uncharacteristic for Zippo:

This is - a fake stamp harleevskoy Zippo. Very similar to the present, only the depth of the fraud issue and the lack of punching icon ®:

For comparison - a real stamp in 1996:

Then - a wonderful description of fake Jack Daniels, made ​​by Alexei Loktev . In all the photos fake right, this Zippo left.

The gently different shape, especially the upper part. Also, two recesses at the top and bottom loops pushed through more and more:

On the fake Zippo inscription thinner flame smaller. Font Bradford, PA. Made in USA - different but similar. At present, after the word Bradford is a comma, for forgery - a point. Barely noticeable, but you can make out:

Felt at the bottom of the insert. In fake letters LIFT TO FILL much larger, and the screw is smaller and has no notches on the end:

Stamp on the insert. On the forgery - the inscription ZIPPO MFG no space:

The end of the brass tube at the same flint noticeably. Please note - on a fake cigarette lighter horizontal incisions on the wheel at an angle on the true:

Rather frequent, which can be found on the insert of fakes - wheel studs and brass cam. Sometimes it's the only thing that allows one to say with certainty about the authenticity of the insert, as the labels on the INSERTS - forgery can sometimes be made accurately and completely believable:

On the original insert of rivets or steel, either through:

Stamps on the bottom of the fakes can also be done very carefully and misleading, as in these two instances.

BUT! Remember that the letter is standing to the left of Zippo. I think everybody remembers - the month of manufacture. And what we see on these stamps - letter Z. In total, only twelve months, respectively, A - January, L - December, beyond the letter L, following the English alphabet, there are no letters on the stamp Zippo shall meet.

Sometimes, it is useful to know the history of Zippo lighters, or at least know who to contact in case of large doubts as to the authenticity. Stamp of the Zippo is made plausible, no mistakes, no vinyl signs, nothing that could say with certainty - it is a fake.

But the inscription aluminum doubt should make those who are a little familiar with the history of Zippo lighters because no aluminum Zippo Mfg Company in 2002 did not release. Aluminum Zippo never sent to serial production, experts and collectors only known of the existence of the rare instances of test 1950s. Therefore, the conclusion from this: this lighter - a fake. It is very rare in the world of collectible Zippo, but if you succumb to the hype, you can leave a rather big amount of money for a fake. A few gullible and deceived buyers on Ebay gave 200 - $ 300 for each such instance.

It turns out that you can forge not only the cigarette lighter or insert. You can even forge a signature guarantee, which refers to the lifetime warranty Zippo lighters - business card and the main credo Zippo Mfg Company.

In front of you is one of the counterfeit warranty card Zippo:

In - the first Zippo inscription in large letters made miserable and not very credible. In - the second is for those who are familiar with English, in the guarantee can meet basic spelling and grammatical errors. In this case (underlined in red) is written - a cant for therepair of a Zippo (not a cent for the repair of Zippo). Cent misspelled word in the original cent, and not cant, word repair together with an article written by the. For presentation will give an example of the original warranty:

Be alert :)

This is the most commented article on our site, as all queries about the authenticity of the Zippo lighters Yandex and Google are just here :)

For ease of searching and to all the information about the authenticity of the Zippo lighter was in one place, the comments here are closed from November 15, 2012.

Please visit our forum about Zippo, register and ask questions about the authenticity of your lighters in the "Genuine whether Zippo". Oh, and do not forget to attach a photo! :)

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