The most expensive Zippo

Experimental plastic Zippo, 1,240.99 $

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

Following the acquisition of Ronson last October next sensation was the news of the purchase of the company Zippo retail chain restaurants and stores 7-11 (7-Eleven), which is now in the tens of thousands of retail outlets around the world. The transaction has been prepared in strict confidence, and the opening of the first retail outlet the company released the first pilot batch of experimental models of Zippo high quality plastic. In the open market do no more than 1,000 copies of such models. Witnesses say that in all retail stores, now owned by Zippo, people held in the evening, and by the first batch of plastic Zippo (4 pilot instance) with a special stamp was played at auction in New York, where an anonymous collector from Canada acquired the rare copies for a considerable sum.
Sale price: $ 1,240.99

Broken record price: $ 18,800 for 1933 Zippo

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

We are once again witnessed a historic event in the collector's world! March 8 on Ebay Zippo lighter in 1933 was sold for $ 18,800 unimaginable! The title of the most expensive Zippo goes to the instance of the lighters sold almost a year ago for 12 thousand dollars . In this case, today's record Zippo, as proshlogody instance is stored at 100% original: in the last year has been replaced with a lighter wheel on later with slanting naschekami and replaced at this cam, instead of the original hook-and he has a modern shape.

The initial price for which was put on Ebay, this lighter, was nothing less than $ 65,000. Of course, this was a very strong inflection, and the price would not have to pay someone. I gave his assessment of the value of this instance to $ 12,000-15,000 and slightly err on the side, but as we can see, not much.

This Zippo has now become the world's second auction of its value. Let us remember that the most expensive in the history of Zippo cost the buyer 37 thousand dollars, and it was a brand new 1933-th straight from the archives kompnaii Zippo Manufacturing Co, which was sold at auction in 2007 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the company. This copy bought Didier Karoubi , a French collector and director of marketing for the French branch of Zippo. By the way, this auction's funny story I told my friend and collector of Canadian Robert Bellows, personally attend. Mr. Karroubi was at the auction, along with his partner, and they also traded together. Companion is not very good command of English, so he could follow the auction only through an interpreter. Once the auction is over, he rushed for Didier with fists and nearly killed him. As it turned out later, because of ignorance of the English language companion Mr. Karoubi recklessly traded with him, because I thought that it is a finite sum of 37 hundreds, and even thousands of dollars. When it was announced (and translated into French), the final price for which Mr. Karoubi bought this lighter, his partner just had a stroke. The misunderstanding arose and was a quarrel between friends quickly hushed up, but the memories of that episode from the direct participants of the event were almost brighter than from the auction.

And we congratulate the new owner of this beautiful and rare lighters and wish to keep it for many years :)

Zippo 1937 in box, $ 7,077.00

Saturday, February 20th, 2010

The other day on Ebay was set a new record price for a vintage cigarette lighter Zippo. This time, it was a well-preserved set: Lighter 1937 with emblem metallique, in a box or even a paper warranty and instructions inside. Very rare prioretenie that cost the new owner more than 7 thousand dollars!
Sale price: $ 7,077.00

Town and Country Zippo with a dog, $ 1,389.00, and an empty box of Town and Country, $ 527.00

Monday, December 14th, 2009

That's a wonderful Zippo 1949 with dog - very well preserved, original box, high price. Now look at how much of this set is the very lighter: Here is another auction and an empty box from that Town and Country - sold for over 500 dollars. Is the ultimate collecting for a strong spirit! :))
Sale price: $ 1,389.00 and $ 527.00

Zippo in 1937, $ 3,375.00 and Zippo 1960, $ 42.56

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

Another record-prices - Zippo 1937 in excellent safety advertising company Champion, producing automobile candles. And next modestly perched Zippo 1960 with advertising the same Champion :) :) Feel the difference
Sale price: $ 3,375.00 and $ 42.56

Zippo metallique 1935, $ 2,850.00

Monday, November 9th, 2009

A very early copy of 1935 with Zippo logo metallique and outer loop. Very expensive! :)
Sale price: $ 2,850.00

Zippo Town and Country, a pond with water lilies, 1948, $ 1,700.00

Saturday, November 7th, 2009

Beautiful and very rare thing - a prototype model Town and Country, released before the series production begins in 1949. Simple and cute risunochek with flowers and dragonflies. Intact. Price is impressive :)
Sale price: $ 1,700.00

PS Now disco a little bit about how much influence the case and good luck on the final price of the collector's items. That's exactly the same copy of the collection of Robert Moon. The only difference is that he borrowed his Zippo slightly and has the pocket carry. Paint a picture on it has remained almost completely. He bought it as part of Lot 4 different old Zippo just ... $ 50.00!
La-la-la! :)))

Zippo in 1937, $ 1,051.01

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

Well conserved, shiny, clean little Zippo 1937 - beautiful! The price is very consistent state!
Sale price: $ 1,051.01

Anniversary Zippo in 1957, $ 1,113.00

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

This beautiful - in a couple of the same , which stepped-dollar mark in 1000. The remarkable thing!
Sale price: $ 1,113.00

Table Zippo 1970 with Mickey Mouse, $ 1,083.00

Sunday, October 4th, 2009

Luxurious shiny beauty, a really quintessential Disney theme in lighters Zippo. I believe, even in the year of its release a lighter cost a lot, is not sold on every corner, and was, frankly, a little exclusive, to say nothing of our day. Price is impressive, and it's not the end. Long live Mickey Mouse!

Disney Zippo - this is one of the few who fall under the laws of nicotine-1980s: the company Disney, is strongly associated with cartoons, children's activities, etc., around 1980 ended abruptly advertised on things, one way or another related to tobacco ( Like many other American companies, by the way). Hence the rare instances of Disney, and the high demand for them.
Sale price: $ 1,083.00