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Since the opening of the site on this page was the following text:

You can ask me any question related to the lighters Zippo, with their cost, collecting and generally everything that you care about them. I'm sure you'll answer.

March 29, 2009 Site got its first gathering, and November 17, 2012 opened a new forum about Zippo. So here comments are disabled and ask all the questions invite to the forum: . As always, you are sure to get an answer to any question about Zippo!


  1. Julik8 (11.12.2008 14:34) ( Reply )

    Hello Here I have a problem: once dropped his Zippo to open ... well so Damage cover broke off, that is, do ears broken off (first one, well, then the second time). Well I took it to a "Korolus" they saw her there, saw and came to the conclusion that my Zippo is not real. I do not particularly have led vezkie arguments. So I decided to ask your opinion on the authenticity. Zippo bought this 5 years ago, in France, in an antique shop .. The date on the envelope - J VII, the main part - I VII.

    Here in this box I bought it
    The side of the box shows:
    «Congratulations. You are the proud owner of a Zippo product. The name Zippo has been
    Synonymous with quality since 1932. We take great pride in the fact that our lighters and
    all of our fine products are made in America and carry a lifetime guarantee, excluding finish.
    Zippo Mfg. Co. Bradford, PA USA 16701 ● (814) 368-2700 "

    Paint keeps well. She even once fell into a fire and lay there two minutes before I took it not .... paint is not got off!

    Find fault with the studs on the hammer - that on the other hand riveted.

    They said that the inscription "BRADFORD.PA MADE IN USA" poorly engraved. Engraved on me fine: look the other lighters - as well. + Discount that Zippo 17 years - during which time chromium losses and this is normal.

    Seen bad, but the inscription is correct.

    Here, too, everything is OK.

    So the drum notches to 30 '.

    1. kypexin (11.12.2008 15:40) ( Reply )

      Julik8, judging by all images, lighter real. However, at 100% it is possible to say, just out of it in her hands. The only time I missed - this box is something she is very similar to zippovskuyu gift box, at least, I have never seen such. But even assuming that the box is "left", the lighter the photos I have little doubt does not. But again, not in his hands, I can not be 100% sure.

  2. Julik8 (11.12.2008 18:27) ( Reply )

    Thanks for the quick reply. Posted here this Zippo on another forum, like too say that's real. But how Korolusu prove it, and that so used to it ..... Himself had to fix: buy Zippo left, put it down and stuck in the loop of cold welding, but still not the same. + Drum little sparks began to give, apparently erased by time. So how do I restore it ((

  3. Ryan (15.12.2008 22:33) ( Reply )

    Hello dear admin! I have to you this question: Which is better to replace cotton factory Zipovskaya? I tried to push in her cotton pads to remove makeup and ordinary honey. cotton, but all the same, petrol keeps bad, and the xs off as ...
    Then I compared that Poalei Zipovskaya wool finally within another full of cotton and not full of other, Which xs =))

    1. kypexin (17.12.2008 16:47) ( Reply )

      Ryan, I think some special wool in lighters do not use, I tried to replace conventional cotton balls or simply cotton, crumpled into a sort of small balls. The main thing is not to fill a very tight, or, conversely, weak, and should be good to lay the wick between the cotton balls, so he infused with petrol and not crumple the top.

    2. Bers (20.01.2009 12:21) ( Reply )

      For replacement of the cotton balls in the lighter Zippo ... There is an opinion that for this purpose are very good (I ask gentlemen to take seriously =) women's tampons. Cotton, which they use as purified and becomes perfectly absorbs and retains moisture in ... No kidding!

  4. Tesseescagmab (18.12.2008 00:45) ( Reply )

    Interestingly, of course! Thank you! Read with pleasure and attention.

  5. Ryan (18.12.2008 19:03) ( Reply )

    Hello! Heed your advice and poproboal tezhe cotton pads, only this time paved the wick strictly "snake" between the cotton balls, and stuffed loosely =) It turned out =) Now all the rules off)
    I have to you one more question: Please advise the store (Moscow) where you can buy zippo is not very expensive, and where a large range, and where to get Sipo blu?

    1. kypexin (18.12.2008 19:12) ( Reply )

      Ryan, a wide range of Zippo in Moscow there is, for example, in a shopping center "Moscow" in Komsomolskaya Square. If you are interested in any particular model from the catalog, it is best to call the company "Korolus" and probably they will be able to tell in what particular store it is. Zippo Blu is a small number of points, again, to learn more about them in "Korolusa": . Besides, I can advise online shops such

  6. Ryan (18.12.2008 19:17) ( Reply )

    Thank you!

  7. Ryan (19.12.2008 17:50) ( Reply )

    Hello! I'm not very experienced users zabugornyh Net stores ... and so I have a question for you-how delivery in the off-store ( and for how long? And generally beneficial if there zipy book?

    1. kypexin (19.12.2008 18:00) ( Reply )

      Ryan, delivers only within the U.S.. Order is beneficial if you have a U.S. address through which you can get the order or if someone he can pass it to you from there. Inside the U.S. delivery is usually within 2-3 days.

  8. Ryan (19.12.2008 18:09) ( Reply )

    thank you) and Nemogli you tell some trusted shop current delivery to Russia? (except ebay, for me it is a dark forest) Just on our sites sometimes difficult nachyti interesting model, and prices bite ...

    1. kypexin (19.12.2008 18:36) ( Reply )

      Ryan, is not ready to talk in detail, because myself familiar enough with only Ebay. In the near future I will try to write an article about how to interact with Ebay, there is no big deal, because in any case, to purchase foreign online shops you also need a plastic card. As for the other stores, in any case, you should always find out separately, if they have a delivery to Russia. But the topic I have not had yet.
      As for "the Model", while I can only advise to search by name or part number, there is a chance that something will find services.

  9. Ryan (19.12.2008 18:41) ( Reply )

    thank you) waiting nedozhdus article =)

  10. Ryan (20.12.2008 01:24) ( Reply )

    I've heard it called Russian Official Sipo club, and I have a question, How can it be organized, club cards out there and so on.? And it will be expensive to be a member of this club?

    1. kypexin (22.12.2008 12:29) ( Reply )

      Ryan, yes, Russian Zippo-club opens next year. The detailed information as soon as it becomes available, will be posted on this site and in the community ru_zippo, stay tuned :)

  11. Mephisto (20.12.2008 11:52) ( Reply )

    And where can I read your article about buying from E-Bay?

    1. kypexin (22.12.2008 12:30) ( Reply )

      Mephisto, I hope to finish it soon and publish on the site, wait.

  12. deelf (20.01.2009 12:27) ( Reply )

    Hi, found another zazhigaku with emblem "Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1829" 1966 model year (if I'm not mistaken) - pictures

    1. kypexin (20.01.2009 12:53) ( Reply )

      Well, it's 1966. Nice little old Zippo :)

  13. deelf (20.01.2009 12:29) ( Reply )

  14. deelf (21.01.2009 01:04) ( Reply )

    oops) and the question forgot) whether the kind of value (approximately)? and to any "group" refer to?

    1. kypexin (23.01.2009 12:26) ( Reply )

      deelf, can not tell you about the value of any old :) Zippo worth exactly as much as it is willing to pay for a collector :))
      But from memory, in general, this lighter a high collection value has not, I personally would have rated it at $ 20-25. But do not rule out that there are collectors that it will be valuable and interesting!
      What do you mean by a "group"?

  15. deelf (21.01.2009 02:19) ( Reply )

    amendment in the logo "Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in 1824"

  16. Flynn (22.01.2009 00:58) ( Reply )

    Hello, could you help me with finding drawings lighters Zippo? I mean the classic wide size, not a replica, but you can also them. Interest as detailed as possible dimensions (this is for accurate 3D-modeling).

    1. kypexin (23.01.2009 12:00) ( Reply )

      Flynn, I think understandably accurate drawings Zippo you are in the public domain will not find. There are sample drawings in paper, patents Zippo . But in my opinion, the most reliable and accurate - to take calipers and measure the lighter itself :)

  17. art-glamour (23.01.2009 02:39) ( Reply )

    All, hello!

    I think that there are not many first year "had" dealings with Zippo and help me understand the following:

    Searched in the internet tricks with a cigarette lighter, Zippo and came across this video:

    Subject (s):
    A label specifically for Zippo? She factory or homemade? Where can we buy? Is there anything else like this?

    All thanks in advance!

    1. kypexin (23.01.2009 22:40) ( Reply )

      art-glamour, I watched movie. Apparently, the label specifically for Zippo, but home-made, of course. Each fun as can :)

  18. art-glamour (23.01.2009 02:47) ( Reply )

    Flynn Says: Here's a link:

    Try to contact the author can he will help with the drawings.

  19. art-glamour (23.01.2009 03:12) ( Reply )

    Here is another link:

  20. Flynn (23.01.2009 10:37) ( Reply )

    Thanks for the second link may help. And as the first - to put it mildly, not the size or the drawings, I long ago came across this job. So, thank you!

  21. deelf (23.01.2009 18:23) ( Reply )

    thank you for the information :)
    probably refers to a series, there is in some directory ... Because with came ...

    1. kypexin (23.01.2009 22:13) ( Reply )

      deelf, nothing definite can be said :) existed for 70 years, tens of thousands of different models with different emblems Zippo :)
      everything that I learned from Google, is that there really is such a Polytechnic Institute in New York, which has existed since 1824 :)

  22. art-glamour (24.01.2009 00:37) ( Reply )

    Thanks for the reply.
    Oh sorry, so wanted a label)

    Link to photo quality zippo:

  23. Flynn (26.01.2009 15:48) ( Reply )

    Another question. Took one online store two Zippo: No. 24175 Jack Daniel's Limited Edition and No. 24174 I Know Jack. В общем, все нормально, все признаки подлинности присутствуют, но одна деталь наводит на мысли: на первой зажигалке на донышке написано H/07, в то время как на ее инсерте D/07. На второй - тоже H/07, но на инсерте - E/07. Это нормально вообще? Есть подозрение, что магазин поменял внутренности. But why? Внутренности и наружная коробочка настоящие, насколько я понимаю. Пожалуйста, поделитесь своими соображениями по этому поводу, не знаю что думать.

    1. kypexin (26.01.2009 16:57) ( Ответить )

      Flynn, это совершенно нормально :) ведь инсерты и корпуса делают на заводе независимо друг от друга, а потом собирают вместе, поэтому даты не всегда точно совпадают, например, эти инсерты просто были сделаны на несколько месяцев раньше.

  24. Flynn (26.01.2009 17:17) ( Ответить )

    Спасибо, теперь я спокоен. То же самое мне ответили в Королусе, так сказать, в копилку для начинающих зиппоманов:

    > Good day!
    > Do not worry, often at the factory interior lighters
    > Done at one time, and the body to another. This is normal.
    > Hundred percent say we can not. But this moment happen.

  25. Cheeff (08.02.2009 13:48) ( Reply )

    I would like to know whether ZIPPO sold in blister packs?
    Here in this form

    1. kypexin (09.02.2009 12:17) ( Reply )

      In this package is mainly used to sell model 200 brushed chrome (and some others), but this package is used relatively short time and only in the U.S. market. According to the auction description, it's just such an old :)
      By the way, the package: from this year Zippo completely abandoned conventional plastic and tin boxes, all lighters will be sold only in cardboard boxes.

  26. art-glamour (11.02.2009 21:47) ( Reply )

    I'm from Novosibirsk.
    I'm here in the internet, download movies with stunts zippo, intriguing .......
    Then he went to the GUM bought, zippo for 900p. As to some of the black plastic box, we have them here, all in a package sold.
    So, it took a week and half of my training with stunts, and zippo flew nafig Bosko)))!
    I thought buying a new expensive Chinese think I'll buy ..... Bought for 200 rubles. T ... Full - slit gasoline through 2:00 fizzles, but it lasted two weeks and also Bosko nafig))).
    Yesterday the market bought new for 50p, but it's quality both 900p - fits tightly and bryankaet, not like a 200r. )))
    And so, on what questions are left to practice, certainly in the zippo for 50p - because 50p. do not mind. (Truth in it than not do it, and some can not be because she leans cover all 180 degrees))))
    After learning a few tricks I realized that will need to purchase a normal zippo, but here's where to get this in Novosibirsk, what would it Bosko not flown away?
    Can I negotiate with someone to buy in Moscow and in the mail I send.
    Maybe in GUM and TsUM is they - they're real!?

    1. kypexin (11.02.2009 22:39) ( Reply )

      Hi :) I do not know exactly what you trained tricks that cover :) She broke off, though the metal, but it can break off and - load or severe fall. If bought for 900 rubles - it's likely true. In principle, if the store has a rotating display case Zippo, it is a sign of official outlet. When in doubt - send the photo (lighters, stamp sheet on the box), I'll try to tell you a real lighter.

  27. art-glamour (12.02.2009 09:18) ( Reply )

    Yes, I will not hide, the first hinge breaks off from recurrent falls ;-), but the second does not withstand constant opening-closing :-).
    "In principle, if the store has a rotating display case Zippo, it is a sign of official sales point." - Yes bought in a shop.
    Well, thank you now I'll know that in Novosibirsk have real zippo.
    Judging from the descriptions and pictures in the internet, zippo fits this description. Only here at some pictures, the inscriptions on the inside (left to right) are located relative to the location lighters - if you hold the lighter vertically, and in some there are inscriptions (left to right) if you hold the lighter horizontal.

  28. Andrei007 (14.02.2009 16:02) ( Reply )

    Hello Long dreamed of this lighter Zippo, but I was afraid of fakes. Please tell me where in Moscow you can buy a real lighter.

    1. kypexin (14.02.2009 16:15) ( Reply )

      Specialized store Zippo not. Lighters are sold mainly in a variety of souvenir and gift boutiques, shopping centers. The distinguishing feature of such a shop - the presence proprietary rotating showcases Zippo; if there is one in the store, they sell authentic Zippo. If you are interested in any particular model, you can call the company Korolus Zippo distributor and find out which outlet you can find a specific model:

  29. Cheeff (15.02.2009 13:55) ( Reply )

    Want to hear about this ekzemplyara.Prodavets serious, and bottom of a very unusual

    1. kypexin (22.02.2009 19:00) ( Reply )

      Sorry for the silence - I was on vacation ...
      This commemorative lighter, are produced at one time almost every year with these stamps.
      In order to avoid doubt, I highly recommend a great site with information on the dating of any Zippo (there are collected all the samples of all stamps of all models): - there, for example, this stamp also shows .

  30. Nikit @ (02.03.2009 12:55) ( Reply )

    And another question.
    Of the wheel, it has no notches on the right, such as steel studs, but no cuts on the plane. Perhaps should ask for their money back?

  31. Nikit @ (02.03.2009 13:59) ( Reply )

    Good day!

    Please tell me whether it is a real Zippo. care not a snug fit to the wheel insert plates, wheel width, opening 180 degrees and no cuts to the right wheel, can be a bit of quality weld between the plate with silicon and glass inserts. The question price - 840 rubles. Found in several western shops. The catalogs are not met ... I bought in the store, without spinning the stand. Past took another shop with a stand) Box as the original but are straining at the edges of small nodules box. Instructions on the spot.
    Took some pictures to match words: #

    Thanks in advance)
    If it turns out fake, escape collect the money, especially since the previous cost 690, Brushed Chrome. And it is devoid of all these drawbacks.

    1. kypexin (02.03.2009 17:26) ( Reply )

      From the photographs I'm having doubts about the authenticity of the small - especially some sloppy stamp and a strange letter "C". All other items you mentioned - is, in general, little things. The fact that opens 180 degrees - also not a sign of a lack or a fake. Insert all looks real. But at 100% can say only our hands, of course ... and another question - what is written on the box on the bar code, and the name of any product?

      1. Nikit @ (10.03.2009 14:12) ( Reply )

        Thank you very much) the same day strengthening his opinion, your - expert, collected his thoughts and wrote a statement. Passed by the lighter rasspisku several days have passed and after passing inspection, the seller decided to bring me the money. In general, the story with a happy end))) I would now choose very carefully)

    2. kypexin (02.03.2009 17:32) ( Reply )

      And yet - it is a model in 2004, it is not certain that it was produced in 2008, according to the stamp. Plus it cost more then $ 40 and sold in a tin box. I think that fake.

  32. Dillinger. (07.03.2009 20:12) ( Reply )

    Hello dear admin.Ya with great pleasure watching the information on your sayte.U a question about the box from Zippo.V what time and in what boxes packed zazhigalki.Bylo would be very interested to read your note on the subject.

    Sincerely, Alexander.

    1. kypexin (07.03.2009 20:30) ( Reply )

      Alexander, thank you for your interest. In the meantime I will write and boxes :)
      Until you can see two resources with some information on