Dear friends, readers and visitors!

This page is made specifically for each person could make a feasible financially to the development and support of our customers.

This site was established in December 2008 and today is the largest and most visited online resource and forum in Russian on the subject of Zippo lighters and collectables. In four years on the site registered more than 2,000 people, and every day on the site come over 500-600 unique visitors - and that attendance is more than even on the official Russian website Zippo. I want to thank all those who supported my site and forum involving all these years!

Together with the most active participants and regular visitors to the site, we came to the conclusion that at this stage we want to switch to a part of social assistance to the project. What does this mean? Absolutely every visitor, regardless of their length of service on the site, may donate any amount of money to the general fund of the project. This is not a "membership fee" on a regular basis. We take care in any amount and at any time when you are willing and able to give us an extra ruble or a million :)

The collected funds will be spent solely on the support and development of the project: in particular, hosting, upgrades and technical capacities, and so on. Because the site has now become too large and sometimes quite slow, we have plans to move the site to a dedicated server in order to please all visitors reliability and speed of his work.

For all the money spent and collected me, Vladimir Mihnovich, will open to report in a special forum thread . There, I am ready to answer any questions and assist with any problems related to the transfer of funds to support the site. I am sure that my good name, well known in the circle of Russian (and not only Russian) collectors and fans of the brand Zippo, will best guarantee honesty of our company :)

The project receives financial support in rubles to the account in the system Yandex. Even those who have never used the electronic money should not scare this name: transfer money to an account in Yandex.Money can not only if you are already using this system, but after dozens of payment terminals, with plastic cards, ATMs, the Internet, banking and hundreds of different ways.

Our account in the Yandex.Money: 41001424174569

For those who are already using Yandex.Money and can make a transfer directly from your wallet to make a special form:

Memo to those who want to send money in cash through POS terminals, cash, money order:

Memo to those who want to transfer money from his bank card through an ATM or online banking:

For all cash payments you need to know is Yandeks.Koshelka number: 41001424174569. Most importantly - do not be mistaken in the figures, and then your guaranteed to help get it. Request: in payments point of payment "for" or in any other form - but the main thing that I saw that the proceeds go to fund our website.

Thank you all!