Frequently asked questions

Friends on the forum have so many different questions about Zippo, but there are some questions that are asked from time time, all the time, and certainly, any new party comes just with them.

This - Most Frequently Asked Questions.

I am sure that on this page I'll most likely answer to your question before you ask it on the forum.

  1. Dating to insert and lighter body may differ, and this is normal. Inserts and housings are made ​​on different production lines, so a month (and sometimes years) making inserts and housings are not required to be the same!
  2. In normal (world) catalogs lighters falls on the strength of 5-10% of the production models. Lot of models available for the country and can be found only in a special directory for this country, and even then not always. If you did not find his lighter in any of the directories, do not worry: it does not mean that it fake. A catalog of all the models of all time Zippo does not exist.
  3. Wick in Zippo not have to change ever. If you use a good fuel, not the car, one wick will last almost a lifetime.
  4. One filling Zippo (5-6 ml of gasoline) usually lasts 6-7 days.
  5. Gasoline for normal brands Zippo, Ronsonol, Royal, Newport good about the same, except for the different odors. They will give equally good combustion. Any petrol lighter, especially Chinese unnamed, will result in a lighter that will burn badly!
  6. However, Using any combustible fuel does not damage the metal parts and Zippo lighters will not void a lifetime guarantee Zippo.
  7. Lighter, which your relative was a gift from an American soldier during World War II, the Vietnam War, the war in Iraq or any other war - actually a modern and has nothing to do with the war. 100%.
  8. Zippo lighter engraved with the Vietnam War, which you bought at auction, in fact a modern forgery. 100%.
  9. Gas lighter Zippo BLU is not necessary to buy it unreliable.