Zippo 1940 advertising bank and later insert, $ 417.00

Excellent classical instance about 1940, all would be fine, but I have an insert later. But the case itself in a very good state of preservation, directly or scratches! On the lighter advertising National Bank in Fort Worth, Texas. Even despite the fact that the insert her later years, she was sold for more than a solid price - this is a classic and very famous instance of the early advertising Zippo.
Sale price: $ 417.00

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  1. Captain Murphy (17.07.2009 11:51) ( Reply )

    I do not like Zippo late insertom.Mnogie such I saw, but this too is not justified by the price.

    1. kypexin (07.17.2009 1:47 p.m.) ( Reply )

      Price is just that it should be - consider, for one case. This is a pretty famous Zippo, in books is, well, as a very early example of advertising too valuable. With native inserts it would cost 2-3 times more expensive, so you can understand :)

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