Zippo 1947 with the emblem of the U.S. Armed Forces, $ 119.16

Very interesting Zippo: on one side it is attached emblem U.S. forces, but on the other hand - the name and date, and to all appearances, this is the date of the military service of its owner. Lighter, 1947, and of course, did not pass with his owner of his military way, but in the memory of the war years the owner has made the engraving itself. Lighter itself is very well maintained and it is clear that the owner valued it. The amazing thing with his amazing story ...
Sale price: $ 119.16

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Tags: 1947 , Military


  1. moonCat (05.08.2009 16:04) ( Reply )

    I like the emblem snd the hand engraving is very interesting and well done

    1. kypexin (05.08.2009 19:10) ( Reply )

      yes Rob, the engraving is not typical and seems to be of some sentimental value for the owner

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