Zippo lighters eight and one in 1938, $ 320.00

Lot of 8 different lighters
Sale price: $ 320.00
Oops, syurpraayz! :) On ebay sometimes there's such lots - "here's a bunch of five / eight / twenty old Zippo and buy them all at once, and then throw a pity" :) But look closely, it's there in the top left of the second row? Yes this is naturally 1938-1940 year! However, in the description of the auction after clarifying question, it was found that the insert was not home, and about 1950, but it diminishes the value of the lighter is not much. Result - $ 320.00 for everything, is not so important what the other seven lighters (well, actually there is nothing special).

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  1. solobok (08.04.2009 02:34) ( Reply )

    I'll tell you more: seen a case where three Zippo gone for a hundred dollars, while one of them was a "black krekl" 43-45 in excellent condition, with well-preserved wick nezaezzhennym wheel, etc., with only superficial, easily removes rust in small places and wear coating on the insert, and the second - slimka "General Electric", and not just, as the department of military developments, I remember the sixties. And all because the seller did not know anything about lighters and positioned the lot as "three old lighters." As I bit my elbows ...

    1. kypexin (08.04.2009 23:11) ( Reply )

      I would say that this is bad and buyers looking :) For very often found at auctions frankly incorrect, inaccurate description, written by illiterate and who did not even understand what it really - unless you're specifically looking for what- or do not consider it very carefully each lot. What is lost - I agree, very sorry: (

      1. solobok (13.04.2009 04:14) ( Reply )

        What about "consider very carefully" - is yes. Since the eyes and stuffed - peering into tiny "thumbnails" to a variety of titles, often unrelated to sell items. Gradually begin to recognize the silhouette of the required period even in previews, where in a single shot - the same "pile." In principle, even a standard silhouette lighter 60 and 70 is slightly different from the modern. Next set - like, the same, and the eye ... something smells.

  2. Golden-Joker (11.04.2009 19:37) ( Reply )

    ehhh, where I was :) I'm a maniac for every such piles :)

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