Zippo 1948 advertising dealer Chrysler, $ 105.50

Very well preserved Zippo 1948 with a three-tier buttonhole and engraved touting the company Walton Motors - apparently, this is a local dealer of Chrysler, which at that time in America, there were thousands. Very beautiful engraving and a 100-percent safety paint, a good buy for the collector Zippo car theme.
Lighter sold on Ebay from the personal collection of Rob, my friend American collector of vintage lighters Zippo. Here is his wonderful website where you can see the rare copies of old Zippo 1930-1940-ies: ~ rob523 /
Sale price: $ 105.50

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  1. Yuri (03.10.2009 13:20) ( Reply )

    what is it that's cadilac crysler

    1. kypexin (03.10.2009 3:28 p.m.) ( Reply )

      Oops. Thank you. Sealed :)

  2. Captain Murphy (04.10.2009 11:38) ( Reply )

    Zippo gorgeous, stunning preservation of paint on engraving!

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