Two military Zippo in 1953, $ 38.00

Two lighters 1953, belonged, according to the seller, the U.S. military. It seems to be nothing special, but a touching simplicity of the flag and the engravings just does not look away. Quite low sale price - perhaps because the seller sent the parcel only in the United States, cutting off so many applicants from other countries. I'm sorry I do not collect Zippo on military issues - I think that such instances are uniquely decorated with a collection, I would have bought them in a heart beat!
Sale price: $ 38.00

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Tags: 1953 , Military

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  1. Hen Gilinov (12.07.2009 07:10) ( Reply )

    wow, klass! Ochen desheva ushlo, komuta povezlo ;-)

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