Vietnam Zippo 1968, $ 432.00

Very interesting item since the Vietnam War - with the image of patrol boats and symbolic division 543 that carried river patrol. Similarity Zippo released a very limited edition, engraved on them, of course, not self-made, as is often the case with the Vietnam Zippo, and made in a factory. This is one of the most rare and interesting items Zippo at that time.
Sale price: $ 432.00

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  1. botas (18.09.2009 03:18) ( Reply )

    Was reminded of "Apocalypse Now".

  2. Enczo (07.10.2009 09:31) ( Reply )

    I wonder, is there a Zippo related to the war in Afghanistan or Iraq?

    1. kypexin (7/10/2009 twelve fourteen) ( Reply )

      :) But there is much less common than the Vietnamese.

  3. Enczo (07.10.2009 15:58) ( Reply )

    clear, and images of the Zippo somewhere you can let us look?

    1. kypexin (10/8/2009 two past eleven p.m.) ( Reply )

      Naguglit or find it on Ebay. As long as I do about these online not written yet.

  4. Dmitry (22.11.2011 02:17) ( Reply )

    Strange, but here they write that it is a fake.

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