Zippo 1951 with advertising refrigerator Kelvinator, $ 152.50

Compare with similar lighter touting Kelvinator, but another model: more than $ 1,000 ! This Zippo is much easier and the refrigerator is quite different, but still cute.
Sale price: $ 152.50

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Tags: 1951 , Kelvinator


  1. blinowww (20.10.2009 13:24) ( Reply )

    white little abruptly course will be! but this is good too!

  2. yours_truly (20.10.2009 18:04) ( Reply )

    I never thought that advertising Zippo so can get my attention, but now he saw little white Zippo understood, interesting, beautiful, incredible Zippo I've never met!) Neither gold, nor silver, not so impressive, as this little cooler, especially in the form Zippo something really looks like a small holodilnichek, especially with such an original cover, just a masterpiece! With these things, interest Zippo more and more!

  3. botas (20.10.2009 23:03) ( Reply )

    not just in the refrigerator can run on gasoline ;)

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