Lighter Storm Master of the American Embassy in Moscow

This lightweight aluminum Bowers Storm Master was a complete surprise. It is well known that the American Embassy in virtually every country of the world have, or at least used to have their Zippo lighters , which were used as gifts at parties and just were given to guests. I have always believed that it was only a Zippo. I was wrong - this is lighter Bowers from the American Embassy, ​​and more entertaining - from Moscow, USSR! It is difficult to determine the exact date of its release, but most likely, this lighter was born into the world at least the 1970s. Made in the USA, visited the Soviet Union and returned to the U.S., and now come back to Russia :)

PS Thank you to the distinguished botas, without whom I would hum that Bowers is not got! :)

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  1. ALEKS (12.10.2010 15:45) ( Reply )

    I've got a, went to nasledstvu.Sostoyanie just not as good.

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