New Berkeley in a box with instructions

Absolutely beautiful, pristine Berkeley in the original box with instructions. He has an unusual insert - I first met the inscription 'Berkeley industries'. In addition, this is the first Berkeley, who I meet more and stamp on the bottom. Just a lovely sight!

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  1. Menshenin (25.11.2009 10:02) ( Reply )

    Super! Olichnaya purchase!
    Vladimir, and you can scan the instructions and put it here or on my mail? It would be interesting to read it all.

    1. kypexin (25/11/2009 ten ten) ( Reply )

      I photograph and lay bigger :)
      A package wrapped my way still not reached?

      1. Menshenin (25.11.2009 22:32) ( Reply )

        Yes, come. Today here I was told!
        Great lighter, thank you!

  2. factotum (25.11.2009 10:50) ( Reply )

    smart, they're great)

    1. kypexin (25/11/2009 eleven fifteen) ( Reply )

      As experience using it? :)

      1. factotum (26.11.2009 00:00) ( Reply )

        At first he could not get enough, my friends all obzavidovalis. (:
        but now thinking back to Zippo, yet it is as dear and familiar. Yes and no resounding click, and he, oddly, adds a lot of fun. and that struck me as odd, fuel in Berkeley ended quickly for some reason, can not understand what is wrong. fill is not very convenient, or unwind completely and remove the lid, or persist in a hole from which fuel and tries to escape the milk on the stove. and of course, it is not in the hands of out of it and do not pofintish. (:
        but otherwise it is no worse, and sometimes better than Zippo.
        once again thank you very much.

  3. blinowww (25.11.2009 13:18) ( Reply )

    super! and what year this young old lady?)))))

    1. kypexin (25/11/2009 13:23) ( Reply )

      I think about 1950.

  4. botas (25.11.2009 21:13) ( Reply )

    Perfection of form of clean water ...

  5. Hartman (15.12.2009 14:03) ( Reply )

    Hee hee, and I think I know the auction at which it is sold to a lighter, aim it, but the priorities were different.
    Great purchase, it will be necessary to extract themselves the same, though it is a little bit not my area of ​​collecting.
    Vladaeltsa congratulate categorically - a rare thing, and nesomenno must deliver!

  6. Kir (10.03.2010 19:44) ( Reply )

    So if the following firms are lost and do not patented, it is possible after all, here in Russia to produce! Replicas, and quality!

    1. kypexin (10.03.2010 21:09) ( Reply )

      And the point? In Russia promandyat any production as daveshny AvtoVAZ :)))

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